Party Pink Panther Style with Palmiers Du Mal

Friday, February 3, 2017
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Palmiers du Mal selected a less-than-appropriate time to design a collection inspired by the Pink Panther gang. For those unfamiliar, the Pink Panthers are the organization of jewel thieves that has been making headlines in Paris recently for their prominent heists. But, let’s not play the PC police.

Cut to the first look, a Japanese furry olive pullover that was not-your-average green, but did feature luxurious materials like cashmere, silk, wool and Japanese denim.

Faux fur, is that a thing we’re doing now? The most notable offerings included an olive silk henley, a charcoal wool day coat and wool/cashmere grey camo trouser.

Designer Shane Fonner took us everywhere, from turtlenecks and coats to statement-making t-shirts. He knows how to tell a narrative. 

He also knows how to fill his front row with big influencers. Notable attendees at his show included rapper Young Paris, major fashion editors such as Luis Campuzano, Frederick Marfil, Ray Smith, Alexander Fisher, Christina Perez, Diego Hadis, Alessandra Codinha, Justin Fernandex and influencers such as  blogger Sage Goldnik, Dex McDougle of the New York Jets, Tommy Lei of My Belonging and actor Elijah Boothe of Marvel’s Luke Cage.

To celebrate another season at New York Fashion Week: Men’s, the brand hosted a party at Blind Barber, the Speakeasy in Stuytown that has become a popular spot for the fashion crowd.

Everyone, including NYFW: Men’s ambassador and NFL wide receiver Dale Moss, could be found lined up at the venue, which featured an open bar from 9 to 11 p.m.

Cheers to that.

Visit Palmiers du Mal’s website at



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