Hitting a New Peek

by Daniel Metz Photographed by The Hudson River, seen from Fin and Brew
Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The Hudson River, seen from Fin and Brew

Over the past ten years, Peekskill, the charming Westchester town just an hour away from Grand Central, has undergone a renaissance of sorts. More and more restaurants are opening on the waterfront, and downtown has become home to a vibrant arts and dining scene.

Peekskill has always been known for its art. For the past 21 years, the Peekskill Arts Alliance has hosted its Annual Open Studios, in which over 100 artists present their pieces to the public for two days during the summer. And institutions like the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, Paramount Hudson Valley Theater and Flat Iron Gallery are renowned outside the confines of Westchester.

But the explosion of the town’s dining scene is a much newer development. Though Peekskill has always had plenty of places to eat, over the past ten years, new restaurants like Birdsall House, Buns-N-Bourbon and Ramenesque have made it a true destination. Some eateries, like Fin and Brew, Peekskill Brewery, and Taco Dive Bar, have even opened right on the waterfront, offering patrons beautiful views of the Hudson River.

“[I want ] to be a part of a city that is up-and-coming” says Michael Anastacio, Executive Chef of the high-end Fin and Brew. “To be a reason people come here now, a place that people were scared to come to before…it’s something to be proud of.” Anastacio has reason be proud. Although Fin and Brew only opened in the Fall of 2017, it has  already been crowned the region’s Best New Restaurant by Westchester Magazine.

Next time you find yourself in the Westchester area, stop by Peekskill and experience with the city itself its change to a true dining and art destination. As Anastacio says, “If I could ride Peekskill to the top with me, I’ll hang on”. 


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