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by Missy Hargraves Photographed by David Warren Images
Monday, June 11, 2018

Club Cumming was SRO on Sunday, June 10th in the East Village as Alan Cumming hosted a private 69th birthday party for PETA doyenne Ingrid Newkirk. Babe actor James Cromwell celebrated as did Pelush faux-fur designer (and Dame Helen Mirren fave) Anna Tagliabue, who also launched the #ReFAUXlution Fashion in Action movement. 

Cumming serenaded Newkirk, who recounted her early days in the 1970’s fighting animal experimentation when she hid outside an offending laboratory in a cardboard box communicating via crude walkie-talkies.  When asked if the foot cast she was sporting Sunday might have been the result of her attacking an animal abuser, the crusader coyly responded, “Oh, if only! I just broke a toe.”

Blossom Catering served a vegan rendering of the Royal Wedding’s Lemon Elderflower Cake along with enough tiramisu and chocolate ganache to sink an entire fleet of whaling boats!

Helping Animals, Healing the Planet East Hampton’s Baker House was also a zoo at the Veterinarians International (VI)’s pre-gala kick-off on Saturday, June 9 th .

The cocktail party is a prelude to the animal wellness charity’s Wild at Heart Gala on August 3 rd . Taking a timeout from a new film, The Arrangement’s Christine Evangelista played host along with fellow VI Ambassador Antonella Bertello and Jack Kelly from JK Chef Collection. Guests including Nicky Scorpio, Andrew Guarino, Mary K. Moran, Alexandra Lerner and Dan Gasby, viewed works by artist Kyriaki Chonacas, while nibbling on meatless delicacies. The video appearance by orphan chimps Max and Connie in Liberia was a show-stopping highlight of the evening. Besides aiding the chimpanzees in West Africa, VI has programs assisting elephants in Thailand and Myanmar, dogs and cats in Chile and Guatemala, and has recently partnered with Herd Heroes to help goats in Haiti. 

“Sixty percent of human infectious diseases come from animals,” explained VI founder Scarlett Magda. ”We have to have healthy animals to have healthy people.”


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