Peter’s Pick: Del Toro Espadrille Desert Boots

by AVENUE insider Photographed by Del Toro Shoes
Tuesday, August 16, 2011
Del Toro Shoes

The AVENUEinsider has been in love with Del Toro Shoes since they first launched with a collection of velvet black tie slippers. The label has now expanded big time and their shoes keep getting better and better. Our latest obsession? The Espadrille Desert Boot – a mash-up of the espadrilles we wore from Madrid as a kid and the boots we trekked through three years of boarding school in (before we actually got the boot, a.k.a. got kicked out).

“I always admired the espadrille but all were always so cheaply made and had too chunky of soles for me to consider,” says Del Toro’s Matthew Chevallard. “So given my love for high tops, I integrated the traditional espadrille with my dream concept, then added a slender leather sole with the jute espadrille and knew I had found the perfect balance.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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