Peter’s Pick: Wrinkle MD (or the iPod for the skin)

Monday, October 3, 2011
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Who wants crow’s feet and who wants to face The AvenueInsider’s biggest fear: needles? Now you can de-age your eyes with WrinkleMD, a pain-free 40-minute at home treatment that uses a patented ion infusion (we have no clue what that means) to pump hyaluronic acid (again, no idea what that is) into your skin. Six years in the making, WrinkleMD delivers the coveted hyaluronic acid right to where you need it (those unsightly creases) which is a good thing because it’s nickname is the fountain of youth.

And how fun does the whole apparatus look? Kind of like a futuristic iPod for the face. We would (almost) wear it out at night just to give Lady Gaga a run for her freak fashion factor (and her future wrinkles).



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