Portraits of Dorrian’s-Part 5: Christina Wayne

Wednesday, February 16, 2011
Frederik Carlstrom, Christina Wayne

From the pages of AVENUE’s February issue, one of the many memories of the Unofficial Preppy Clubhouse…

I remember in college bringing my new boyfriend to the bar one night. He was this hot theater major senior; I was a freshman. He wore all black, had long hair, combat boots—a very Daniel Day Lewis type. I’d been obsessed with him all semester and finally got up the guts to talk to him by handcuffing him to me in the cafeteria—that’s what listening to too much Cure can do to a lonely freshman. He seemed to be taken with that and we started to go out before Christmas break. I took him to Dorrian’s over the holiday to show off my new hunky, punk beau, except when we got there, I ran into all my old prepster friends and in the Upper East Side light, my guy didn’t look so hot, especially since he and his buddy got so drunk they wound up throwing up all over the bathroom. My rebel beau was looking more and more like a cheesy Jersey-ite. The next morning, I woke up and broke up with him. Sad, but true. Dorrian’s was always a good testing ground.

—Christina Wayne


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