Portraits of Dorrian’s-Part 4: Marc de Gontaut Biron

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

From the pages of AVENUE’s February issue, one of the many memories of the Unofficial Preppy Clubhouse…

I remember after a long night at Dorrian’s, Jack Dorrian had a car take us downtown with some of his children. There he told me: The secret to success for a place in New York is no overhead and a great crowd. He told me to spend no money in decoration and get the best crowd possible. That was his vision of how to create a successful bar or club. Of course, I was present at the best and worst moments of Dorrian’s, so I will skip the worst—although they are part of New York’s nightlife history. I sat down many times at one of those round tables and discussed the world and our friends with people just fresh out of college, mostly New Yorkers. Most of these friends are now the heads of industries and financial institutions, etc. It was a very social place. As Jack Dorrian said, it is not about the décor, but the quality of the crowd—and the Upper East Side still delivers a good crop.

—Marc de Gontaut Biron


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