Postcard from…Alison Brod

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Alison Brod takes in Necker Island and enjoys all it has to offer

Alison Brod helms an eponymous public relations firm, with nearly 100 clients on its roster. Brod is a world traveler with a love for new

experiences and a strong desire to get out and see everything there is to be seen. Equally excited by letting lemurs climb on her in the jungle as she is studying the brands in foreign markets, a survey of the globe in the style of Alison Brod leaves no stone left unturned.

Flamingos, and lemurs, and enormous tortoises, oh my!

My favorite place to travel is Necker Island because you get to be on an island with a handful of people and 150 species of wildlife including: flamingos, lemurs, enormous tortoises, parrots and rare scarlet Ibis. Necker Island is owned by Sir Richard Branson and there are villas scattered throughout the 74 acres. The island is known for its privacy and attention to service, so it attracts royalty and celebrities.


Take a risk

I am not particularly adventurous, but paddle boarding is incredibly easy to do. There are dozens of other activities for the more risky, like cliff diving. All of the water sports are included in the overall price of the stay, and I would recommend that people take advantage of that—they will teach you to scuba dive in the morning and then take you on an excursion. Also, the hike around the island leads you to incredible things, from lemurs jumping on your shoulders in the

tropical forest to an oasis of baby flamingos to a cliff where the seagulls fly so close to you that they graze your arms.


Return home with relics

Every summer my husband and I go somewhere we have never been before. I have traveled to many countries and my favorite thing to do is go to the exotic fruit markets and supermarkets to see how people live. I often buy paper goods or copy recipes for parties or events because I love themes. Vietnam and India are known for fast tailoring and I went with photos and dresses to have copied.


Lessons learned

I can’t travel without a Kindle. I used to have to bring a separate bag just for books because I read very quickly. Now, I bring more shoes. I discovered this very late in life, but an eye mask changes everything. Sleep comes faster and lasts longer. And, roll—don’t fold—if you want to avoid wrinkles when you unpack.


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