Postcard from…Andrew Saffir and Daniel Benedict

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Andrew Saffir and Daniel Benedict take time out of their busy NYC lives to enjoy Paris together.

Andrew Saffir and partner Daniel Benedict are quintessential globetrotters. When they are in New York, this couple is nonstop; Saffir is the founder of The Cinema Society, while Benedict is the fragrance guru behind Daniel Benedict Designs. But the two always make time for travel and do so in style—in fact, Benedict is an ambassador for Leading Hotels of the World. And while they love experiencing new places (next stop on their bucket list is Bali), it’s Paris that has a hold on this duo.

Paris, je t’aime

Andrew Saffir & Daniel Benedict: Our favorite place to visit as a couple is Paris! The Ritz Paris is our favorite (don’t even talk to us about the fact that they are now closing for two years!). Walking through Place Vendôme and into the hotel is our idea of Parisian heaven.


Midnight in Paris (and everything before that too)

AS & DB: We love walking in Paris. One of our favorite walks is from Place Vendôme to the Place de la Concorde, and then across to the Left Bank, and then down the Quais of the Left Bank (or the Boulevard Saint-Germain) to Café de Flore (where we make a point of going several times a day) for coffee and Parisian people watching.


Hostess extraordinaire

AS & DB: We love to see Lee Radziwill, Marisa Berenson and Jamie Creel, among others. And Diane Kruger if she’s in town (though she’s usually off filming). Diane cooked us dinner from scratch one night at her Left Bank apartment—she made a tasty ham followed by a perfect tarte tatin—and it was one of the best dinners ever! She blew us away!


Impulse shopping advocacy

DB: Something that I almost bought about five years ago and kick myself each time I think of it: We were in Sardinia and it was about 95 degrees and we went shopping one afternoon and I tried on a Brunello Cucinelli cashmere puffy vest and loved it, but it was so hot outside and I thought I will just find this when I get back to the States. When I tried to find it in the U.S., I found that particular, beautiful vest never made it to the U.S. I still wish I had that vest!


I can’t travel without . . .

DB: Cashmere travel blanket and pillow . . . I don’t really like to think of how the blankets and pillows on planes are cleaned.

AS: My BlackBerry and Daniel!


Just a spritz

DB: A silly travel tip I swear by is packing a little plastic spray bottle. Fill it with warm water and spray your suits, etc. when you

unpack, and the wrinkles will disappea


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