Friday, May 24, 2013

Trish Wescoat Pound may look small and delicate, but she is a true force of creativity. Her vision of a gypset-couture woman is realized in her brand Haute Hippie. She captures a sensibility and style that translate into the wardrobe of any spirited fashionista. It should come as no surprise that, like the gypsies and rock roadies who inspire her, Pound hits the road for design afflatus. With her husband, and Haute Hippie CEO, Jesse and daughter Jillian in tow, she recently looked to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for some relaxation, exploration and inspiration. 

Jet set style

Traveling is a huge part of my life and has always been a source of inspiration for me. My daughter Jillian has had a passport since she was born so we could escape the city and go to exotic and interesting places including Cambodia, Morocco, Turkey, and Greece. Work also affords me the opportunity to travel, and I spend a lot of time in Asia, especially India.  My favorite escapes are ones spent in nature; it heals and regenerates me, so weekends in the Hamptons are a must. I feel a strong bond with Mexico, which is where I just vacationed with my husband, Jesse and Jillian.

Everything you could ask for

We love going to Cabo San Lucas and staying at Las Ventanas. The beach and resort are stunning and the service is exceptional. It allows my family and me to unwind and enjoy time together.

Being, not doing

I love to spend time near the water, lying by the pool and simply relaxing . . . although my blackberry is always next to me because my work never ends. Our routine is to wake up, do yoga, have breakfast and just chill. I love to go to local markets and walk around. It is about being and not about doing.

 Welcome to the Hotel California

The main reason we go is for the beach, water and the sun. This last trip we visited Todos Santos, which is a charming artist’s retreat with gourmet restaurants, art galleries, boutiques and beautiful beaches. We took a day trip there, then went to the Hotel California and even though some argue it is not the one based on the Eagles song, we pretended it was. It was hilarious—in the outside garden they played only Eagles songs. In Cabo there are many amazing hotels with excellent restaurants including La Palmilla and Esperanza.


Traveling inspires all aspects of my life.  In terms of Haute Hippie, traveling is second nature to our muse and what she encounters in her journey is reflected in each collection. Personally, I love to start my trips in an inspiring city and end up somewhere on the beach. What I find interesting is that I never look for inspiration; inspiration always has a way of finding me. I actually find myself more open when I am on the road again.

London calling…for vintage

Portobello Road is where I have found a lot of paintings.  I collect nudes and some of my favorites have come from there.  Nothing is better than Portobello Road on a sunny day.  London in general is great for vintage.  I have a vintage dealer there that I live for!  Most of our collections start with trips to London



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