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Tuesday, February 2, 2016
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Gray Malin is an L.A.-based fine art photographer. He is best known for his aerial shots that capture idyllic scenes of the good lifeanywhere from the coast of Positano to the slopes of Zermattand showcases them from (way up) above. Popular as his bird’s-eye views may be (they’ve garnered attention from the likes of Tory Burch, Reese Witherspoon and many more), all of his work beautifully incorporates art and adventure. Thus, travel is a huge source of energy and inspiration for Malin, and I

recommend taking his tips for Cape Town to heart!

Can’t Get Enough

Cape Town, South Africa. This country is truly spectacular, from its wine country and stunning beaches to the landscapes and everything in between. I am very excited to be going back early next year on a family trip as well as to shoot more aerial photographs for my À La Plage collection. I honestly cannot get enough Cape Town in my life!

Take It All In

At Boutique Manolo, you could sit for a lifetime on your private deck, enjoying a glass of South Africa’s local wine while taking in the views of Table Mountain. (If you’re not familiar, Table Mountain is one of the oldest mountains in the world.) Sitting right in the center of Cape

Town, it separates the city into different neighborhoods.

Boutique Experience

I have stayed at three different places in Cape Town proper, and they were all very different, depending on your style. For me, I like the boutique experience. Kensington Place has a great location and exceptional service, while Boutique Manolo has the most incredible deck with sweeping views. In the wine country, my favorite hotel hands down is La Residenceit’s also one of the best hotels I have ever had the privilege of experiencing.

Star Sighting

I live in Los Angeles, so seeing celebs isn’t an unusual occurrence. I don’t recall seeing anyone in particular while in South Africa, other than the local celebrities: indigenous penguins that live in colony near Boulders Beach.

Let Them Be Your Guides

If anyone is going to Cape Town and is looking for a locally based boutique travel guide, I highly recommend Here’s My Card. It’s run by two sisters born and raised in Cape Town who know

everything there is about South Africa and have worked with us on all of our trips to Africa. They are budget conscious and know all the new and cool things going on there.

Local Finds

I have tons of fun items from all over, but one item I love is a vase that I bought last year in Barcelona at this amazing store named Jaime Beriestain. It’s a café with a home store attached, and you won’t find any tourists, only locals who are living it up in the city.

Putting It All Together

The Gray Malin brand was fostered with a deep passion for photography and interior design. Merging these affections with a spirit for travel and adventure is a constant for me both personally and professionally.

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