Q&A with designer Norman Ambrose

Monday, October 17, 2011

Norman Ambrose is shaping up to be the next big ‘guru of glamour.’ The designer who is in his early 30’s, recently showed his second collection in September and he certainly has a taste for luxury. The S/S 2012 collection was multifaceted; 27 looks of suits, caftans and gowns in white, gold, blush and coral colored hues. The entire line glistened from lamé, sequin and heavy embellishments. Some of the articles seemed to have weighed a ton, as the models clinged-and-clacked down the runway, almost if they were wearing suits of armor. His work with Cristobal Balenciaga and Bill Blass showed with his attention for detail, cut and construction.

In my opinion, the collection was tilted for a more mature consumer, even if Norman disagrees. Ambrose was inspired by ladies such as Elizabeth Taylor and Mona von Bismarck and it showed. You’ll find no post-recession twitches here, Norman gave us  ultra-luxurious clothes that were meant to be on glamorous ladies. Norman added “The collection was created for an independent minded and seductively feminine, modern woman who wants clothing that is a departure from the every day”.

Overall, the collection was tantalizing and eccentric–just the thing the market needs. I feel like Norman Ambrose is a master in the making. The young designer and I chat about his collection, inspirations and challenges for AVENUEInsider…

In regards to your S/S 2012 collection- what were you creative inspirations?

Imagining iconic women the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Babe Paley and Mona von Bismarck set against the luxurious backdrop of the South of France.

Who is the sort of woman was the S/S 2012 collection for?

The collection was created for an independent minded and seductively feminine, modern woman who wants clothing that is a departure from the every day.

The collection seemed to be tailored for a more mature consumer, would you agree?

Not necessarily. I think my collection is youthful and elegant; this is a combination that caters to a sophisticated way of dressing. I prefer the term “ageless”.

What would you consider your design strong points are?

Flattering cuts, colors, the best fabrications and exquisite embroideries are integral to each of my collections. My clients appearance and comfort is always on my mind.

As a young and emerging designer, what is the biggest challenge have you faced, professionally?

At my level of construction and price point, it is very easy to create extravagant and costly garments. My greatest challenge has been to edit these luxurious items each collection in order to stay focused on a well merchandized selection for my retailers. At the end of the day I am running a business.

If you could dress anyone, who would it be?

My hopes is to one day dress all women as well as I do my existing clients.

How would define the “Norman Ambrose” brand?

Clothing designed for a woman by a man who is in love with her. I provide a service of refinement, quality, and beauty for a woman who has spent a lifetime learning exactly what it is that she wants and desires.

You’ve become the guru of glamour with your fur items, how are you inspiring consumers to open up their wallets for such extravagant purchases?

Through beautiful design and the finest quality furs.

Have you begun to work on your F/W collection?

Absolutely, yes. I started development back in July. One can never start early enough with so many ideas and so little time!


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