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Reading Matters for Teaching Matters

by Sarah Hysong Photographed by Patrick McMullan
Saturday, October 21, 2017
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On Wednesday October 8th Brooke Shields and Nina Griscom joined Teaching Matters in promoting the need for strong early literacy programs in urban schools at the Champions of Education Luncheon. Bold-faced names like Carol Mack, Patty Raynes, Janna Bullock, Beth Rudin DeWoody and Larry and Dana Creel came together to celebrate the non-profit dedicated to supporting teachers in urban schools and equipping them with techniques and tools to better help their students. Teaching Matters has found that students who have effective teachers for three years in a row will have a “leg up” for the rest of their lives, while ineffective teaching for three years will lead to insurmountable obstacles for students.

Early reading is a key factor to student success for Teaching Matters. A strong early literacy program in schools can effectively set a student up for life. Teaching Matters has found that students who do not read on level by third grade have a dramatically higher chance of dropping out of high school.

Teaching Matters operates in a number of subjects. For their literacy program Teacher Leaders go into urban public schools to meet with teachers and teach them effective techniques to get their young students reading. They also have programs for Math and Writing.

Educators are finding that undergraduate programs in educations aren’t preparing teachers to teach students how to read. That’s where Teaching Matters comes in. With their literacy program they give teachers a number of techniques and activities that help keep students engaged and teaches them not only reading but also deeper comprehension like character intent.

By improving teaching methods in urban schools Teaching Matters has been able to help numerous students throughout New York City, but these programs don’t come free. Through fundraisers and events such as Wednesday’s Teaching Matters gets closer to reaching more NYC schools.


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