Resurrection Revival

Thursday, April 28, 2016

This one’s for all the vintage and antique lovers.

Once in a blue moon, you’ll come across a store that stands out like a diamond in the rough, filled with rare goods that you can’t seem to find anywhere else. Resurrection is that kind of a store. And now, they have just opened up a new location downtown at 45 Great Jones Street, making your shopping dreams all that much more accessible.

Just in time for their 20 year anniversary, Resurrection—aka the world’s premier international venue for collection and historical vintage clothing—will present three archive collections. These include some of the most memorable runway looks from Alexander McQueen, gems by Bulgari fine jewelry in collaboration with Resurrection and Weisberg Arts, and a collection of out-of-print Rare Books in collaboration with Arthur Fournier Rare & Fine. The store will also feature custom furniture by Brian Thoreen.

Created by Mark Haddawy and Katy Rodriguez, Resurrection is simply the go-to spot where you can escape to past decades and explore the hottest fashions throughout the time (and bring them back in style). Upon walking into the store, the space feels inviting with a line of spotlights shining brightly on the products. White walls and gray marble floors let the clothing, accessories, and old school books do all the talking—because as you know, all vintage pieces have great stories to tell.

Photos of products, courtesy of Resurrection Vintage.

Photos of the store, courtesy of Alexander Thompson Photography.


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