Roger Vivier Fetes the Relaunch of the Virgule Heel

Friday, November 1, 2013
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On Tuesday, Roger Vivier’s creative director Bruno Frisoni hosted a cocktail party at Paul Sevigny‘s Paul’s Baby Grand in Tribeca for the relaunch of the brand’s classic “Virgule” heel.  The much hyped new boite, located downstairs in the Tribeca Grand Hotel, perfectly served the intimate vibe of the celebratory fete, where servers passed yummy tropical delights like Palm Beach sours – along with the more traditional champagne and hors d’oeuvres—whilst Wade Oates, former band member of The Virgins, DJ’d some decidedly retro tunes.

But while the atmosphere was a bit of a throwback: “this place reminds some of Key West, others of Beverly Hills,” Sevigny mused, the crowd was decidedly downtown fashion cool.  Beginning with the campaign itself: Frisoni has updated the iconic comma-shaped heel – first designed in 1963 – by recruiting 19-year-old up and coming photographer, Olivia Bee, and 21-year-old model and DJ Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor. Among the other uptown meets downtown folk who came to pay their respects to Frisoni – who was on a plane back to Paris the following day – were Diego Della Valle, Emmanuele Della Valle, Hamish Bowles, Nicky Hilton, Genevieve Jones, Courtney Love, Kate Young, and Lynn Yaeger.


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