Roger Vivier Launches Prismick

by Melissa Berkelhammer Photographed by Casey Fremont Crowe, Timo Weiland, Bettina Prentice
Thursday, April 19, 2012

Samantha Boardman, Casey Fremont Crowe, Timo Weiland, and Alexis Bryan Morgan were among the fashion insiders who toasted Roger Vivier‘s Prismick collection at the label’s Madison Avenue flagship on Tuesday night.

In celebration of the new accessories line – Vivier’s first collection without its signature buckle – a handful of international style-setters were asked to pose with a new handbag or shoe of their choosing.  The portraits were unveiled stateside at the cocktail party, which was hosted by the three New York girls (each photographed by Michael Beauplet) who participated in the project: Amanda Hearst, Fernanda Niven, and Bettina Prentice.

Each lady chose her favorite local stomping ground for their respective shoots, which made for truly iconic – and quintessentially New York -portraits.  Amanda posed with her Prismick bag atop the Brooklyn Bridge; Fernanda opted for Edible Schoolyard in Brooklyn; while Bettina stayed on the Island of Manhattan at Haunch of Venison Gallery in Chelsea.

The collection “immediately resonated with me,” Prentice told AVENUEinsider. The publicist, whose eponymous firm deals with some of the biggest names in the art world, readily identified with Creative Director Bruno Frisoni‘s bold colors and leather-on-suede appliques, a look that was inspired by his love for art and contemporary architecture. Specifically, the striking colors reminded her of a 1974 Frank Stella painting that she had recently seen in Haunch of Venison’s viewing room.

Getting the Gallery’s permission to use the painting, however, required a little convincing. “It took me several weeks to convince their International Director Emilio Steinberger to allow us to photograph there and include the painting [for the Prismick portrait], so I was thrilled when he finally agreed,” Prentice explained. “I even convinced him to allow the painting to serve as a backdrop for a Vogue shoot a few days later [featured in the April issue] and the painting looks absolutely stunning in both shots.” Steinberger clearly agrees – he made it a point to stop by the boutique for the celebration.


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