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Rosé Can you See?: Text on the Beach Kicks off the Season

by Toby & Larry Milstein Photographed by Jared Siskin/PMC
Wednesday, May 31, 2017

For New Yorkers, Memorial Day signals the official start of summer… and Hamptons season! From cocktail fundraisers at Southampton private homes to rosé-fueled day parties on Montauk beaches, Hamptonites wasted no time filling up their Gcals with events spread all across Route 27. In “Text on the Beach,” Hamptons editors Larry and Toby Milstein take you inside this year’s holiday weekend out East.


Thursday, 6:30 PM

Boarding my flight to Prague now. Can’t believe I’m missing THE Hamptons weekend. Will have to live vicariously through you on social

Czech you out, jetsetter! No worries, I’ll give you the play-by-play of all that goes down. Just arrived—tryna avoid that Friday afternoon traffic on the LIE

Good call—if you don’t leave early, you might as well go to Europe and hang with me. What’s happening tonight?

Going to Nick & Toni’s for a low-key dinner. Who knows? Maybe I’ll run into Alec Baldwin or Martha Stewart (or her potluck dinner partner Snoop Dogg)

Look at you, scoring a rezy like that over Memorial Day…but seriously, how did you?

Maybe it was because everyone is focused on getting into all the big name restaurants opening this weekend: Le Bilboquet in Sag Harbor, the new Wölffer Kitchen in Amagansett and of course, the EMP (Eleven Madison Park) Summer House

Wherever you eat, it definitely beats this lukewarm plane food


Friday, 9:30 AM

About to clip into my bike for Stacey Griffith’s SoulCycle class at the BARN. Time to sweat out all my sins for the weekend ahead…

Wait, aren’t they also doing a party for the 10-year anniversary of the studio?

Yeah, they’re giving out free Juice Press smoothies and La Colombe coffee on the front deck to celebrate. It’s already such a scene: SoulCycle CEO Melanie Whelan just rolled up

#tbt to simpler times in the Hamptons when we were content to just ride their bikes down Gin Lane. Any plans this afternoon?

Going to Fairview Farms to bring back some fresh pies before all the masses come. So much for that “tapping back.” You’ll never guess who was just spotted there…

The Barefoot Contessa? Gwyneth Paltrow?

No…Justin Bieber!

No way. Guess the Hamptons are about to get a dose of Bieber fever this Memorial Day weekend…hope he doesn’t do something stupid

Despacito, we’ll see how the weekend turns out… it’s only the beginning


Friday, 6:30 PM

Picking up some friends from the cannonball train, then we’re heading out to Montauk for Night One

Sounds fun. You’re brave facing Route 27 at this hour

We’ll take the back roads and figure it out—I’m just glad that the rain finally stopped. I hope the weather will hold up tonight, Surf Lodge is back at it with live music after all that noise complaint nonsense

Ugh, love Surf Lodge—who’s performing this weekend?

Little SonCole Ramstad and Ghostface Killah and Lukas Graham. It’s definitely going to be THE spot this summer now that Moby’s closed

RIP Moby’s—looks like Captain Ahab got revenge on the White Whale. Have fun! Make sure to get that Surf Lodge sunset Instagram



Saturday, 4 PM

Just got back from Gurney’s where The Knocks performed, and I had my first frosé of the season!

Oooh The Knocks! I saw them a few years ago. Love me some frozen rosé right now

But actually I’ve been non-stop, like no time for a even a stop at Scoop du Jour. I’m now en route to the Avenue kick-off party at Calissa. so excited to see mag president Randi Schatz and other people like emerging real estate power player Jenny Lenz, Katrina Peebles and Chris McLaughlin

So jealous! Maybe we can have a “Text on the Beach” launch party?

As long as we serve the Teriyaki Chicken Salad from Suki Zuki, I’m game


Saturday, 9 PM

Watching the sunset at the Bridgehampton Tennis and Surf Club for the LGBT Network Kick-Off event

As much as people may give the Hamptons flack for all the partying, it’s great to see the East End standing up for important causes

Exactly—marriage equality pioneer Edie Windsor spoke and guests had the chance to enjoy food by Robbins Wolfe catering. And tomorrow, Jean Shafiroff is hosting the fourth annual “Taste of Wine” for the Southampton Animal Shelter

Going out tonight after your jam-packed day?

As much as I’m tempted to be with all my friends at Ruschmeyer’s for #CampRusch, I think I’m gonna curl up in bed with It Happens in the Hamptons, the new book by Holly Peterson

What happens in the Hamptons…


Sunday, 11:30 AM

Just got back from Barry’s Bootcamp in Wainscott—I’m sorry, but it’s just #rude to have Breadzilla and Levain in the same shopping center

LOL I bet the line for cookies was as bad as the one at Stephen Talkhouse

Grabbed a dozen double-chocolate chips for a dinner party I’m throwing tonight for friends

So no more party hopping tonight?

May stop by for one last glass at the inaugural Dan’s Rosé Soirée this evening, but may use the rest of the weekend to detox

Seems like this entire weekend has been one rosé soirée

Welcome to the Hamptons!



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