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Sculpt Leaders: The ISC Lifetime Achievement Awards

Wednesday, May 10, 2017
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On April 26, the International Sculpture Center (ISC) held its annual Lifetime Achievement Awards at Tribeca Rooftop. Since 1991, the award has emerged as one of the sculpture world’s highest honors, and has been given out to renowned masters like John Chamberlain, Frank Stella and Louise Bourgeois.  This year, the award was presented to Lynda Benglis and Tony Cragg.

“So many people are coming tonight just to see Lynda and Tony.” said ISC director Johannah Hutchison. “Their influence is so strong over generations you see younger and older people, and they’ve all been influenced by Lynda or by Tony’s work.”

And it’s true—in their half century careers, both have received nearly every award possible, and redefined their art forms. Reached for comment, both spoke effusively about each other. “Let me just say that I feel very honored to be in the same situation as Tony Cragg,” said Benglis.

Benglis’ award was presented by Richard Armstrong of the Guggenheim museum. Armstrong praised the sculptor for her constant “creative exuberance,” and for a body of work that was “more a romp than a directed march.”

“Life isn’t just linear,” said Benglis. “It’s always about context.”

And Cragg echoed this idea. “Sculpture is about a lot of things, but it’s really about the way physical forms affect our thinking and emotions,” he said.

Among the notable artists and dealers in the audience were John Cheim, Howard ReadLucas CooperKaren and Robert DuncanMarian GoodmanBrooke Kamin RapaportRee KanekoKathy and Marc LeBaronJack MacraeZach RawlingMary SabbatinoAdam ShefferKiki SmithFrank StellaJoanna ThornberryWilliam Tucker and Ursula von Rydingsvard.


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