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Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Though most people love to boast about what great hosts they are, it’s entertaining impresario and Arrowhead Farms creator Bronson van Wyck (photo on right) who has claimed the throne of party planning prince. Here, we asked the host with the most for some tips on how to make a soiree stand out in a sea of seasonal events. Take a look at his fail-proof tips:

What are the three key ingredients to the perfect holiday party?

I am a firm believer in a house cocktail or three. Set up a DIY cocktail bar with pitchers of different drinks and a variety of garnishes. Guests can gather at the bar and doctor up their drinks to their liking, which will get them drinking and interacting. Secondly, if decorations seem daunting, keep it natural. Invest in some fresh greenery that looks festive and gives your home some color and a fresh fragrance of the season. Don’t forget the mistletoe! Finally, lighting! Your guests spent a lot of time on their look for your occasion, so don’t destroy it with bad overhead lighting. Always use the dimmer.If you don’t have a dimmer, skip the overhead lighting and go with multiple lamps. This time of year, your tree can also help to set the mood.

What was the greatest party you’ve ever been to?

Last night’s. I think every party can be great. If it’s not great, I drink until it is.

What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about holidays in the city?

My favorite part of holidays in the city is the rituals and traditions. The city celebrates the season so well, and so much of it is about tradition. I’ve started a new tradition of checking in at the St. Regis Hotel for the season. They are right in the middle of everywhere you want to be. My least favorite? The hangovers. But that’s what my Arrowhead Farms Hellfire Bloody Mary is for.

The perfect host is always _______.

Confident. Be yourself. Naturally given and delivered hospitality is the best kind.



The sight of a little blue box under the tree is exciting enough, but it’s what’s on the inside that really counts. Tiffany & Co. has partnered with Dover Street Market for a limited edition collection of 17 new pieces, each based on a retro design from the Tiffany archives. The so-dubbed Out of Retirement collection ranges in price from $350 to $32,000, meaning there’s a suitable gift and price-point for everyone on your list. Additionally, three gorgeous art installations inspired by the brand’s legendary window designer, Gene Moore, are cropping up in New York, London, and Tokyo’s Ginza, each unique and representative of a different prop used by Moore. All of these whimsical throwbacks arrive just in time for the holidays, and will be available until January 2016.

couture insurance


Insuring and protecting the most important, expensive things in your home—and the home itself—seems like a given. But until very recently, one of the most important and valuable collections remained totally unprotected by homeowner policy: clothing. Wildly expensive and often irreplaceable, couture and high-end clothing could amount to hundreds—if not millions—of dollars lost in the event of a disaster. A new service from Garde Robe might just be the solution to any wardrobe hang-up (pun so intended) someone might face. From seasonal storage to clothing preservation to inventory, archival, and valet services, think of the company as your one-stop shop for clothing protection and assistance.



Leave it to Dom Pérignon to add an unexpected twist to the most classic beverage in existence. A new collaborative campaign with idiosyncratic singer Björk means the perfect holiday gift for anyone who likes to march to the beat of their own drum, preferably with a Champagne glass in hand. The exclusive collaboration is part of Dom Pérignon’s Vintage 2006 collection and bears the theme From Earth to Heart which is evocative of the brand’s spirit and creative process. Though there’s nothing so festive as a pop of a Champagne cork during a holiday party, this particular bottle elevates seasonal soirees from cozy to cool faster than you can request a refill.



The holiday season means dozens of parties and gatherings, which in turn means dozens of photos to share. Avoid an embarrassing picture tag by looking your best, which means gleaming white teeth at every event. Used by celebrities including Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Chloë Sevigny, and Lea Michele, an all new at-home teeth whitening system developed by Dr. Michael Apa, DDS, delivers sparking results after just one use. Easy-to-use whitening pens, gleaming, brightening lip gloss, and even a lip loofah all work in conjunction to provide a celebrity-worthy smile in every single selfie, no FaceTune required.



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