Sex Free in Miami

Monday, November 28, 2016

Art and design impresario Patricia Findlay has an uncanny eye for talent. If she finds an artist she loves, she’ll work to make him into as much of a success as possible. “When I’m excited about things, I can move mountains,” Findlay says.

When she met interior designer Alberto Biagetti of Atelier Biagetti, she was ready to move Mt. Everest. The pair met through mutual friends when they were going to a show at the Apollo, and their business relationship and friendship grew organically. “It was something destined to happen,” Findlay says.

“Patty is brave, Patty gets it. It was like discovering a new country,” Biagetti says regarding how their business venture flourished.

Biagetti isn’t your typical interior designer, however. He creates his work around the concept of performance design. Everything from his carpets to the benches and stools are designed from the point of view of communication. “When we are looking at the works, we’re thinking of them like a short film with actors,” he says. “The works almost demand interaction.”

Atelier Biagetti is the brainchild of both Biagetti and his wife and design partner Laura Baldassari. They were both tailor made designers who wanted to work for people. They were into the idea of showing behavior through objects. They join luxury with industrial, and they couple traditional techniques with meticulously researched production processes, resulting in works that demand interaction.

The current collection that Atelier Biagetti has created is based around the ever popular concept of sex, with the very apt title of #NoSEXinMiami. The collection was inspired by the medical world and the sex toy world. Everything in the collection begs to be touched, as the physical and the artistic come together. This collection marks the second curated collection that they will present at DesignMiami/. Their first was #Bodybuilding Collection, focused on the desire and relationships of the human body and fitness.

Biagetti always seeks human sexuality as a driving theme in all of his work. “Sex is important to our behavior and everyday lives. It drives our actions everyday,” he says. “Sex and money are always driving the stories,” Findlay adds.

Biagetti’s road to being discovered by Findlay began in 2000 when he first started working as an interior designer. In 2012, he designed his first post-design collection. He began by designing lights and vases, then he started designing for private lines, and design became his addiction. The rest was history.

He considers #NoSEXinMiami his favorite work to date. He loved seeing peoples shocked reactions to the space which is a combination of both a clinic and a sex retreat. Although the contemporary art market is tough right now, Biagetti is determined to keep evolving in the ever changing contemporary art marketplace. Conceiving and production is no easy feat, but he’s a talented man with the energy of the incomparable Findlay behind him. “She’s like a volcano,” he says.

Visit Atelier Biagetti’s website at


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