Shaun’s California Debuts New Collection

Tuesday, March 17, 2015
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There are few things as exciting as the first days of spring. As we all slowly come back from our hibernation (or Florida) we are dreaming of all the social events that will be filling our calendars in the next few months. And what we will be wearing to them. With all the outdoor events, eye-wear becomes an essential style choice.

Enter Shaun’s California, the luxury eye-wear brand, and their 2015 collection, which has a perfect array of chic styles for just about every occasion. Handcrafted in Italy using the finest materials, the collection is not only beautiful but also philanthropic. In an effort to continue its commitment to create a “soulful luxury product” and to eradicate avoidable blindness, with every pair of glasses sold, Shaun’s California will donate a pair of glasses and sponsor an eye exam for someone in a developing country. The Braille “S” logo embedded in each pair serves as a reminder of the inherent good within the human spirit. So be good to yourself and to others and go get some glasses.

Happy Spring!



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