Snap! Photographer Christopher Makos’ Lady Warhol

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

“No one was afraid of being photographed back then because it was more likely a picture would end up in the back of someone’s drawer than on Facebook,” Calvin Klein writes in the introduction to Christopher Makos‘ great new photography book “Lady Warhol. “There was a shared promise that things would remain a secret.”

Well, the secrets are out of the bag.

Today is Makos’ birthday. So we are celebrating Andy Warhol’s photographer and constant consort. Born in Lowell, Massachusetts (where “The Fighter” takes place), Makos apprenticed with Man Ray in Paris then moved to New York. He was never without his Polaroid SX-70 and captured all the cool kids and celebs in the late 70s and early 80s from nightclubs to the beach in Montauk. Makos was also the first person to give Warhol a camera, sending the artist into a whole new direction of art-making.

Makos’ latest book “Lady Warhol” is very 2011 – there is even an iPhone app to download for images from the book to have on your phone (and who doesn’t want a little Andy with them at all times?). Makos is still shooting away (he even did my portrait as a New York teenager!) and recently has been making the scene with his handsome pal Paul Solberg. And they dress as twins. Andy would have certainly snapped these two with his camera at every party. Happy Birthday, Chris!


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