Sneak Peek at Project Runway’s new season

Friday, June 24, 2011

AVENUEinsider had the pleasure of spending this dreary morning in Battery Park City for the first-ever outdoor taping of Project Runway.

Stunning host Heidi Klum (in a body hugging black dress and hot pink lips) and judges Michael Kors (in sunglasses, of course, despite the rain), Nina Garcia and special guest judge Kim Kardashian (in sky-high Louboutin’s) hid from the drizzles at the nearby Merchant’s River House restaurant while the crew set up. A half-hour after the show was scheduled to begin taping, Klum announced, “let’s start before it starts raining!” That’s what everyone was thinking, but what Ms. Klum wants, Ms. Klum gets.

And the show began. Models ditched stilettos for stilts, and the crowd went wild.

After three rounds of runway (it is TV, never perfect the first time around), judges headed to Parson’s to wrap up taping. The lovely and very behind-the-scenes Tim Gunn stuck around for pictures and autographs.

Rain or shine, the stunning cast and crew were able to, as Gunn always says, “make it work.”

Be sure to get your runway fix on July 28 when the new season of Project Runway airs. Besides Kim K, we hear other guest judges will include Malin Akerman, Christina Ricci and Zoe Saldana.


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