Stay youthful forever with NeriumAD

Monday, July 14, 2014

Do you want vibrant, youthful skin with an eternal healthy glow? Or do you wish you looked younger, so your outer appearance matched your inner youth? NeriumAD has your back.

An accidental discovery but a real breakthrough, the Nerium oleander plant has led to the world’s age-defying phenomenon: ┬áNerium International. Once Nerium International was founded, NeriumAD skincare was created.

Through advanced research, it was found that unique properties of the Nerium oleander plant provide age-defying results when applied to skin. NeriumAD skincare line has been deemed the wrinkle fighter.

Nerium International is the first company to develop and embrace the power of the Nerium oleander plant in skincare products. Its products address more than just wrinkles; it addresses discoloration, fine lines, enlarged pores, aging/loose skin and uneven texture as well.

The main active ingredient in the products is kept under control from seed to bottle which allows the end product to be both innovative and effective. Therefore, customers experience the Nerium difference.

NeriumAD works from its very first use, and the user will see continuous impact throughout the duration of using the product. The flagship product is called NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment, which includes the brand’s patented ingredient NAE-8 extract. This extract has the powerful antioxidant properties that reduce aging. It is a night cream and has the highest concentrations of the extract than any other product in the NeriumAD line.

Over one million people have reaped the benefits of NeriumAD.



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