Steve Jobs Uncensored

Tuesday, August 16, 2011
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Though this may not come as a surprise to most, the days of idolizing Bill Gates are essentially over. Once Apple-creator Steve Jobs walked into the room and single-handedly crumbled the reign of the PC, he became the new face of technology, innovation and well…the American Dream. Just in time for Thanksgiving, a thick and in-depth biography of the modern day Wizard of Oz is set for release; pushed forward from it’s initial March 2012 release date.

Based on over forty interviews with Jobs, as well as with friends, family, colleagues and competitors of the tech magnate, this biography is a candid look at the creation of Apple and the many innovations that would follow.

Bound to be the Keith Richards, Life of last Christmas, I expect to see this page-turner in the stockings of many a future magnate this coming season.


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