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Thursday, May 21, 2015


Insightful, darkly humorous, and—above all—universally relatable, famed writer Bob Morris’ memoir recounting his parents’ final years is heavier than most beach reads but is still insightful and, at times, joyful. Few writers have the ability to frankly examine their own memories, let alone shortcomings, making Morris’ very real accounts all the more compelling. Though serious in subject matter and emotionally charged, Morris’ talent for exploring the death of human emotion and examining his own existence resonates with readers long after the memoir ends, while the book’s structure makes it easily digestible enough

for an afternoon on the East End.

THE POLLAN FAMILY COOKBOOK by Corky, Lori, Dana, Michael and Tracy Pollan

Suitable for every cook and entertainer—both serious and amateur—the famous Pollan family’s joint-effort cookbook is a testament not only to their seemingly genetic culinary prowess but to their closeness as well. Showcasing more than 100 family recipes, complete with colorful, bright illustrations, the Pollans meal-prep processes feature only the freshest, most nutritious ingredients, ideal for beachgoers and the health-conscious alike. With Hamptons party season in full swing, it can serve as an excellent menu inspiration or as the perfect hostess gift.

A BETTER MAN by Leah McLaren

Leah McLaren’s novel about the pitfalls of marriage is amusing without ever forgoing substance. In order to eventually leave his marriage without sacrificing his family’s feelings—or his own financial assets—protagonist Nick decides to mold himself into the perfect husband and father. When his seemingly faux attitude adjustment starts to become very real, Nick is desperate to finally try—once and for all—and make it work. Though incredibly entertaining and easy to read, McLaren’s story is packed with barb-sharp sentences and smart observations about marriage and family structure, as well as the impact success can have on both.

BETWEEN THE TIDES by Susannah Marren

The book’s appropriately named title aside, Manhattanite and frequent shoregoer Susannah Marren delivers one of the summer’s best beach reads with her story of a prominent New York City woman exiled to the suburbs, where she encounters an old frenemy. What follows is a literary cocktail of romance, friendship, betrayal and self-reflection in a way that resonates with women everywhere. Told in a way that’s both riveting and amusing, Marren’s familiar storytelling makes you feel like you’re hearing

the latest gossip over a glass of summer sangria.


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