Swarovski Gems Launches Natural Reflection

by Melissa Berkelhammer Photographed by Natural Reflection-mosphere
Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Last night, Nadja Swarovski and Daniel Cohen welcomed editors (Alexis Bryan Morgan, Kate Davidson Hudson) and designers, including Rebecca Taylor to Glasshouse 21 to view the unveiling of Swarovski Gems’ new marcasite line, entitled Natural Reflection. Guests took in panoramic views of the city and the Hudson River as they checked out the one of a kind pieces courtesy of many of today’s top jewelry designers, including Stephen Webster and Stephen Dweck.

Why marcasite? As Daniel Cohen, a fifth generation member of the Swarovski family explained, it is a “unique combination of gemstone and metal,” and the material has an unusual “set of qualities that enable it to be creative, edgy, and avant garde.” He encouraged the designers to create their pieces with the younger generation in mind, and indeed, the designs on display yesterday evening were bold and innovative, providing the perfect dramatic backdrop to the river views. Another artistic and fashionable night out in the city!


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