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Texas will always have Paris

Thursday, November 17, 2016

There was a Texan twang to the annual gala for the American Hospital of Paris Foundation at the Plaza Hotel on Wednesday night.

Honoree Donna Chapman told the crowd that she’s “asked that dinner be served” while she spoke, and a place be saved for her while she gave her Texas-sized speech. “I think they had to give me an award so I’d go away,” she quipped while leaning on crutches due to a fall. “You see why I like doctors,” she said. “You never know when you’ll need one.”

Mrs. Chapman, a confirmed Francophile with an apartment in Paris, joined The American Hospital of Paris Foundation Board of Directors in 1994 and served as the Foundation’s Chairman of the Board from 2007 to 2012. She is President of Josey Oil, a Houston-based oil exploration company founded in 1926, and is involved philanthropically with numerous charitable and community organizations including The House Grand Opera, The Houston Symphony (Trustee), The Houston Ballet, The Frick Museum and several other charities, schools and special programs throughout the Houston area.

In addition to a gang of pals and family from Houston, guests and supporters of the 2016 Award Gala came from Paris, Palm Beach, Jackson Hole and the New York Tristate area.

Guests who braved the Fifth Avenue Trump-lock to attend included the Foundation’s Co-Chairmen Barbara Cirkva Schumacher and Henry P. Davison, II as well as Board members and Dinner Committee Members including former U.S. Ambassador to France Howard H. Leach and Mrs. Gretchen Leach; Marshall Wais and his wife Deborah; Laura and Mark Yockey; Claude Wasserstein; HRH Princess Firyal al-Muhammad of Jordan; John Tozzi; Diane Lokey Farb; Linda Barrett; Sharon Jacquet; Dr. Gerard Khayat, Medical Director of the American Hospital of Paris as well as representatives from New York-Presbyterian Hospital the AHP and AHPF’s international affiliate hospital.

The evening with a French flair, featured a strolling accordionist and jazz trio. The Gala supports the American Hospital of Paris, a unique institution that has grown and thrived for over 100 years. More than 100,000 patients from 100 countries come through the Hospital’s doors in Neuilly-sur-Seine each year.

Earlier, emcee Dave Price, a weather anchor at WNBC, had set the evening’s tone of amity and fraternity. “I’d like to thank all of you who delayed your planes to move to Canada in order to be here tonight to celebrate volunteerism and the ties that bind,” he said.

Photos by Julie Skarratt and Jay Ackerman.


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