On The Avenue

Text in the City (and soon, on the Beach) at the 92Y Gala

by Toby & Larry Milstein Photographed by Sylvain Gaboury/PMC
Thursday, May 18, 2017

The popular Hamilton song might lead you to believe that “it’s quiet uptown,” but that wasn’t the case on 92nd Street and Lexington on Monday night. Not only was there an innovative gala, the evening marked the debut of Toby and Larry Milstein as AVENUE’s newest contributors. We’re pleased to announce that they’ve been named AVENUE’s Hamptons Editors for summer 2017, and will regularly contribute from the East End.

Toby: Hey Lar, heading across town for the 92Y Gala. Sad you’re not here to be my plus one.

Larry: You’ll have to tell me all about it, such FOMO. I’m stuck in Sterling Memorial library—one more week ‘til graduation.

Toby: Can you please graduate already?!

Larry: I heard this year’s gala is really different than past years.

Toby: Yeah, they want it to be more experiential and dynamic, like a DIY gala, choose your own ending. Guests decide which room, which vibe, which cultural experience they want

Larry: Well, at least, it’s not another cookie-cutter black tie. Keep sending live texts about your adventure.

Toby: Okay, just walked in and going to the concert hall for a performance. It’s apparently an amazing solo dance called ‘Caught,’ choreographed by David Parsons. He’s legendary.

Larry: Ooh! This is getting me excited for the ABT Gala next Monday. But speaking of caught, any dresses or people “catch” your eye

Toby: Yeah, it’s a pretty spiffy group: Jeff and Justine Koons; Sir Harold Evans and Tina Brown, Dan Rather, Nancy Gibbs and Brian Stelter.

Larry: Wait, I just Google’d the choreographer. It’s so cool that they had a performance of this because Parsons conceived of this dance and debuted it at the Y thirty years ago.

Toby: Ha-ha before either of us were conceived #tbt

Larry: So what’s going on now? Distract me from this paper!

Toby: We’re all heading in different directions; some are going to this formal sit-down dinner in “The Studio” where there are Martha Graham dancers. But the young scene is heading up to the rooftop.

Larry: Of course, it’s the start of rooftop season in New York!. Save me some rosé.

Toby: Ah, I wish, going to try these vegan pigs ‘n’ a blanket. Yum.

Toby: Also P.S. the rooftop has a full-blown jungle-gym, that’s where the DJs are stationed.

Larry: No way, that’s such an inventive use of space. How many DJs can say they’d spun on a jungle gym??

Toby: It’s like recess for twenty-somethings. But in all seriousness, they’re making it work. People are even going down the slides in full blown cocktail dresses.

Larry: Guarantee, that’s the boomerang of the night. Hope I can go next year.

Toby: I think I might reveal too much if I go down the slide. Looks like my gala ‘pick-your-own-adventure’ is concluding as it always does, with a gin and tonic.

Larry: Classic T-Mils. Have fun, text you later.


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