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Text in the City Ditches the Parents

by Toby & Larry Milstein Photographed by Paul Bruinooge/PMC
Thursday, June 8, 2017

Though MoMA’s annual Party in the Garden gala is among the museum’s most important events, the true party begins when dinner ends and the garden is transformed into a dance floor and stage. In past years, the evening has featured performances from Robyn, Lykke Li, and The Weeknd. This year, British electronic artist James Blake and Haitian DJ Kaytranada took the stage and played to a jam-packed crowd of young art enthusiasts.


9:30 PM

Taking the red-eye back from Cali — I promise this will be the last event you’re going stag to

Can’t wait to have you back soon. This is going to be a week of garden parties, so make sure you have your floral looks lined up…

So sad to be missing tonight. All of our art loving friends will be there: Tyler and Teddy Tananbaum , Caroline Hoffman, and MoMA Junior Associate Steering Committee chair Dianna Cohen

Just arrived to MoMA. Mom and dad are still inside at the dinner with a bunch of the big names—Jeff Koons, Susan Rockefeller, Maggie Gyllenhaall—but all the fun is starting to happen outside at the garden

The kids party is always where it is at. What’s the vibe tonight?

Lots of bold red flowers, plus incredible lighting by Bentley Meeker to really set the mood

Sounds Marrimekko cool. Into it. When is the performance starting?

Not until 10:30, so everyone is lining up for instas in the photobooths. It splices together different recordings of you, so people are going ham for the cam—like literally dancing and kissing each other

If only Terry Richardson was there to photograph that scene

It’s not that wild of a party—will text you when James Blake takes the stage

10:30 PM

So, is James Blake on?

Yes, caught a glimpse of him as he walked up to the piano. He kissed his girlfriend before he climbed the stairs up to the stage

That’s cute

Yeah, and now she’s even shushing the crowd since people are continuing to chat during his set

Haha does she know the MoMA is a museum, not a library? I’m kidding, it’s not cool of people to keep chatting but it is a social crowd

It’s a little hard to top Robyn from last year though. James Blake is an incredible singer, but less of a party starter and more of a drinking-alone-and-crying type vibe

That’s literally me right now on the red-eye. BRB, listening to him now


11:00 PM

Kaytranada just changed up the vibes, he’s DJ’ing now. Basically hanging in the booth with him

Hey Mr. DJ put a record on…

But seriously, great choice by MoMA, he’s like our age and already becoming a big name. Are people dancing now? What’s the vibe like?

Now people are really turning up. MoMA Mia! Here we go again

Okay, well seems like everything in the garden is rosy. Have fun, Lar! Text you when I land in New York

Read more about the Party in the Garden here.


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