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Text in the City Gets High

by Toby & Larry Milstein Photographed by BFA
Friday, June 9, 2017

On Tuesday night, there were ‘high’ hopes for the annual Summer Party on the High Line as Friends and revelers came together on a drizzly evening to celebrate one of New York’s most prized and unique public parks. AVENUE’s own Larry and Toby Milstein, who served as High Line Summer Party co-chairs, take you on a stroll…


6:30 PM

So excited for tonight, but wish the weather were better. How is it going to work?

Nothing to worry about. The Chelsea Market section of the High Line is covered so rain or shine, it’s ON!

Maybe, but I’d prefer to be left ‘high’ and dry

Good one…

I hear James Franco will be one of the celeb attendees tonight

Yeah, he’s the face of the new male fragrance Coach is launching tonight

Spritz spritz, bish

Lol, before this gig he TA’ed a bunch of my friends at Yale in a Chaucer class

I bet that was one class people actually did the readings for

Anyway, what are you wearing?

Coach sent me a few really cool looks from their 1941 line. Let’s just say they don’t just make Bat Mitzvahs wristlets anymore. I’m going with this intense leather jacket with tons of hardware and lace

Sounds cool, I’m pairing this floral silk button down with matching bold shorts for Coach’s very first “romphim”-inspired look

Ugh, I can’t with the whole romphim craze—lowpoint for 2017 fashion

7:30 PM

Walking up the stairs of the High Line now. Just ran into style bloggers and siblings Charlotte and Sophie Bickley of Yin 2 My Yang, whose dad is one of the execs at Coach. Fellow co-chair Serena Marron just arrived too

Just spotted others making the rounds — Hari Nef, Rowan Blanchard, Barrett Paul and Sasha Lane

Even with the drizzle, the High Line is breathtaking. It’s hard to imagine downtown NYC without it — it’s a truly urban park

Yes, my favorite afternoon is brunch in Meatpacking, a visit to the Whitney and a few Chelsea galleries and walking off those mimosas on the High Line

So glad you joined me as a co-chair tonight. Even though the Summer Party is one of the hottest events of the season, all of the funds go towards the High Line’s continued construction and its endowment

The Central Park of our generation. Let’s get flower crowns before they’re all gone!

Get me a good one, I’m over at the burger bar, ordering sliders and fries. Robert Hammond, co-founder and executive director of Friends of the High Line, just introduced me to his old friend from Princeton, Scott Skey of BITE New York, which is catering the whole event

My favorite has to be the mini avocado toasts—talk about the millennial diet

Well, some people from Gen Z seem to be a little less impressed…just saw Chloë Grace Moretz storm off with her manager, complaining about being in the cold doing interviews for “an hour and a half!”

What a diva 🙄


8:45 PM

Did James Franco just compliment your “romphim” OMG?!

Haha it was less of a compliment and more like, ‘what are you wearing’ But I’ll take it…

You should! Down to head back into the party now to hang with our friends

Yes—literally, friends in ‘high’ places

Okayyy, these High Line puns are hitting a new low for us Larry: Yeah, time to quit it, text ya later


Photographed by Angela Pham, Sam Deitch and Zach Hilty for BFA.


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