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Text in the City Is Sweet on the ABT

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

On Monday evening, the American Ballet Theatre transformed the rainy campus at Lincoln Center into a confectioner’s fantasyland as it held its annual Spring Gala, which honored Blackstone President Hamilton E. James. Hundreds of dancers, financiers, A-list celebs and philanthropists watched the New York debut of “Whipped Cream,” a highly anticipated ballet by Alexei Ratmansky.


6:00 pm

Just arrived at Lincoln Center—what’s your ETA?

Running a bit late. Don’t think I can rock my graduation cap and gown on the red carpet, so gonna quickly throw on my tux

Don’t take your ‘sweet’ time—the ballet is about to start!

No worries, I’ll be like Reddi Whip in just a few

Just saw Nicky Hilton walk the red carpet wearing a hot pink mini. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of candy-colored looks tonight…



7:00 pm

Lots to celebrate tonight. I was told that this is ABT’s most successful Gala in their 78-year history. It raised more than two times any previous year, bringing in over $3 million

Wow, just ran into ABT executive director Kara Medoff Barnett. She looked as graceful as a ballerina as she passed through the atrium and welcomed everyone

#Boss. She’s the reason I agreed to be a junior chair

Let’s make a final toast and find our seats, I hear the bells


7:30 pm


Look who’s sitting in the row right in front of us!

It’s Katie Holmes! She has a sultry Black Swan vibe tonight

Wait, is that Blake Lively walking in right now? Her strapless yellow dress is glowing in the dark


I think so, Gossip Girl. Lights are dimming—let’s put away our phones before we start glowing too

Yes, text after the performance!


9:00 pm

Before we dig into “Whipped Cream,” thoughts on the award presentation?

ABT principal dancers Misty Copeland and Marcelo Gomes did a great job kicking off the evening, while also keeping their remarks short and sweet

Yeah, Misty’s presence is so graceful, even when she isn’t the prima ballerina

Guess we’ll have to come back when she stars in “Giselle” in a few days

Not sure if anything can top this show, though. It felt like Dylan’s Candy Bar meets Beauty and the Beast. I loved the battle between the different sweets: candy canes, caramel drops and peanut butter cups—who knew the political drama of Candy Land would be as sour as our own?

On a lighter, more meringue note, I loved the romantic pas de deux between Princess Tea Flower and Prince Coffee

And that final act was so trippy, it was like a Hieronymus Bosch painting come to life

So true. Now it’s time for us to head upstairs for a different kind of “Garden of Earthly Delights”—the Gala!


9:30 pm

Seeing all that dancing food has made me hungry for dinner

LOL just heard two ladies say that after watching all those sugary costumes, they wanted to go on a juice cleanse

Classic New York. Fortunately, beets are the first course

The dance floor is already picking up. Looks like the performance really inspired everyone’s inner dancer—there’s Eric Rutherford, Hamish Bowles, Amy Astley, Jane Keltner de Valle and Star Jones.

Even the performers, still in costume, are back. Let’s dance with Madam Champagne, she knows how to “pop,” lock and drop it


Gotta get that on my Snap story!


10:30 pm

This whole evening has been totally en pointe. Let’s head out before our sugar high comes to an end.

Agreed—this candy shop is officially closed.


For more on the ABT Gala, click here.


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