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Text on the Beach Celebrates Itself

by Toby & Larry Milstein Photographed by Jared Siskin/PMC
Monday, July 17, 2017

Although they’ve been reporting for a few months now, it’s not every day that Larry and Toby Milstein are the center of attention. All the changed last Friday as AVENUE celebrated its July issue and the continued success of Text on the Beach.

Get in the car—we’re going to be late to our own party!

So excited to host the #TextOnTheBeach event with Avenue to celebrate our readers and friends

It’s so meta: an event about a column about events

Our publisher Randi Schatz secured us the coolest venue, have you seen photos of the house?! The designer Jim Howard has gone above and beyond

Talk about the ultimate house party—apparently there’s even a secret window inside the pool!

We should put up a sign saying Skinny Dip at Your Own Risk haha

It may be rush hour on the LIE, but the house definitely doesn’t seem that way

Lots of familiar faces from the East End are here, mingling between the wood-beamed living room and the expansive lawn. I just met Gary DePersia and Martha Gundersen, two of the biggest names of the Hamptons real estate market

Gary DePersia and Cynthia Archer

Martha Gunderson and Rafal Trawicki

I caught up with finance mogul Bruce Lipnick at the bar where they were serving delish rosé by Viviete. He gave us the scoop on a new media streaming company he’s starting with world renowned opera singer Renee Fleming

If only she could perform tonight…

Well, guests already seem to be dancing. Sir Ivan Wilzeig, decked in a lime green shirt and peace sign necklace, just announced that tonight’s DJ, Super Dave, was playing his newest song, a techno remix of John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Allen Dalton of Allen Dalton Entertainment Group is hanging in the DJ booth. This party is actually pretty #lit

Ivan Wilzig and Robert Karp

Allen Dalton and DJ Super Dave

One of Sir Ivan’s friends keeps insisting we come over to the infamous castle for a pool party on Sunday. Apparently it’s like the playboy mansion of the Hamptons, complete with drawbridge and dungeon

Speaking of Playboy… a former bunny Jane Pontarelli, rocking pink streaks in her hair, is here telling everyone who will listen about her playmate past

Joe and Jane Pontarelli

Has anyone told her what kind of magazine this is? Lol

My new friend, renowned New York plastic surgeon Elissa Liebman Lunder is giving me a tour of all the procedures in the room. Let’s just say the food catered by Sydney’s “Taylor” Made Cuisine is likely the only thing organic in this room…

Yes and while it may be rainy outside, the founders of BeautiGlow Cherise Lorèn and Sarah Dipiano are looking sun-kissed

Good to know there are options for getting a Hamptons glow even with all this dreary weather as of late

A bunch of our friends just arrived after being stuck in four hours of traffic. They could really use a drink. Let’s hang by the pool and get some fresh air

Yeah, so happy my friends Jonah Tullis and Quincy Moore of fashion line Knowlita could make it. Quincy is behind the popular “New York or Nowhere” tees and they just opened a hip motel in Montauk called Knowhere

Jonah Tullis, Quincy Moore and Jeff Rutkowski

We’ll have to check it out. It’s a long weekend ahead and the #TextOnTheBeach party was the perfect way to kick it off

Talk about a classic Hamptons party—a fun mix of people all under one roof

Yeah, good thing we got off our phones just enough to enjoy the party 🙂


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