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Text on the Beach Gets Patriotic

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Although the petit frère may be off in France, that can’t stop the July 4th fun! In the latest installment of “Text on the Beach,” AVENUE’s own Larry and Toby Milstein take you behind the scenes—and the dunes—of Hamptons life.

France is a lot of fun, but I want to hear about your weekend thus far

Easy out East for me, had dinner at EMP last night, a possible house party in the mix today

House party? #TBT to last year’s Fourth of July with all the spray-a-thon drama

Haha, I’ll make sure to report on anyone wrecking AirBnbs. House parties seem to be the thing for 4th of July weekend


I saw one on snap yesterday, did the Ying Yang Twins really perform at someone’s house?

Oh yes they did. Probs was very Bar Mitzvah vibes with everyone dancing to “Get Low”

Haha too real. Looked a bit more grown-up at the EMP

Yes, Daniel Humm can pull off a mean lobster bake

Wait, so they poured out the food on the table like the catch of the day?

Yep, they dumped out the lobster, clams, pork, shrimp, corn like they were rolling out a red carpet of food. Then there was a side of Parker rolls and pie a la mode for dessert

A real feast out East

Yeah, no one went home hungry, that’s for sure. I’m still dreaming about the ice cream–I think that was the best part of the meal

Was the people watching as savory as last time?

Yes, the ideal spot for people looking to do the Hamptons, low-key but still want to feel in the mix Julianne Moore was at the picnic table behind us for a birthday looking beachy chic with hardly any makeup if at all

Definitely not her Maude Lebowski look. So are you at the house party yet?

Actually just pulled up in Water Mill, mom dropped me off, literally not embarrassed at all

I feel like I am seeing people post this house on their snap story, looks pretty epic

Yeah, it’s definitely really beautiful though not furnished at all. Perfect for a Independence Day rager

Haha yes, save me a firecracker ice pop

Alright, so it’s the typical New York scene, lots of people to say hi to and chat with

Funny how you leave the city only to be with the exact same people

I mean, yes, that’s the Hamptons in a nutshell

All 150 people are gathered around the two pools, It’s a day party for sure

Ying Yang Twins Day party-esque?

Nope, there’s plenty of patio for us to breathe and mingle, thank god

Sounds like a perfect Fourth of July, all you need now are some fireworks, or as they say here, feu d’artifice 🎆

Bon nuit! See you back in the states

We’ll celebrate Bastille Day next 🙂


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