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Text on the Beach Goes for a Walk

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

It takes more than a little rain to stop AVENUE‘s Hamptons editors Larry and Toby Milstein. At this weekend’s Hope for Depression Research Walk+5K, the duo showed that they’ve got more than a “splash” of philanthropy. They take you there now with another installment of Text on the Beach…

Saturday, 7:45 am

I really hope the walk is still on, I see thunderstorms on the weather forecast

Yeah 🙏 me too. We’ve all been looking forward to the Hope For Depression Research Walk for months. It would be a shame if it were called off because of Mother Nature

An 8:30 start time for this walk is early for a Saturday in the Hamptons, and this weather isn’t helping

Yes, let’s hop in the car now and go to the starting line

Hopefully we’ll beat the thunderstorm

8:30 am

Well, it’s definitely raining but the show must go on!

Yes, Audrey Gruss knows how to get the crowd hyped, her story and her commitment to starting this organization is commendable.

Robert Wilson and Audrey Gruss

I didn’t know she created it 11 years ago! So impressive

Equally amazing to see how dedicated all the runners and walkers are, over 250 people are here apparently, and the weather could not be worse! It’s a sea of yellow, lots of big names including Susan Gutfreund, Robert Wilson of the Watermill Center, Kim Heirston and Campion Platt and his kids

Melanie Hamrick, Jose Sebastian and Susan Gutfreund

Kim Heirston and Robert Wilson

Campion Platt and children

Just saw a ridiculously chic man who’s walking the 5K in thigh high black boots

These boots were made for walking…

Speaking of footwear, ABT dancer Melanie Hamrick is out here, and not surprisingly, she traded her pointe shoes for Nikes

Mick Jagger’s girlfriend slash baby mama?

Yep, just saw her, she runs so effortlessly… she got the moves like Jagger 😉

Feel like this race is more like a Tough Mudder obstacle course: to cross the finish line, we’ll have to overcome puddles, flocks of geese and who knows what else

A metaphor for life, perhaps, nothing worth it ever comes easily

Steve Bernstein, president of Southampton Hospital, just sprinted across the finish-line. Can’t believe he’s running 3 miles in the morning and hosting a fancy gala at night

Yeah, he was like “Not sure I can wear this to the Southampton Hospital benefit tonight”

I think it’s time for all of us to head back and get somewhere dry

Agreed, while we’re going to be laying low this weekend for our dad’s birthday, hopefully the weather will clear up for the rest of the big events ahead

Yes, from Paddle for Pink hosted by Ryan Seacrest to the Hamptons Cup Polo event for Robin Hood with Nacho Figueras, and the Southampton Hospital’s 59th Annual Summer Party, the first weekend of August is definitely a busy one for the East End

When it rains it pours…

Yep, text you later


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