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Text on the Beach Has a Ball

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Fresh off their AVENUE party, Larry and Toby Milstein are back to conquer the weekend with another Text on the Beach…

Still recovering from all the fun on Friday at the #TextOnTheBeach party, but the weekend has just begun

So sad I had to leave last night, meeting up with some old friends in Margate this weekend…

Talk about a Jersey Shore reunion lol

Don’t be a Hamptons snob. What’s on the schedule for you today?

Arriving now at the 25th Annual Hamptons Tea Dance at Nova’s Ark Project, which is benefitting Callen-Lorde, the LGBT Center, and Sage

Be sure to spill the tea…

Of course, just got to the massive polo field and there’s a 50 foot giant rainbow flag on the lawn, which is part of a larger piece by Gilbert Baker, and it’s been decked out with a blow-up unicorn and popsicle stick pool floaty

If that isn’t the perfect spot for an insta, I don’t know what is

Yep, everyone here seems to be doing the most. DJ Lady Bunny is rocking a full Hairspray-inspired look as she plays some campy hits for a dancefloor filled everyone from activist Edie Windsor, who was being honored, to insta celebs like John Sibilly and fashion designer John Targon of Baja East

Lady Bunny

Edie Windsor

Ben Clauson, Cole Renick, John Targon and Will Higdon-Sudow

Sounds like Pride Weekend 2.0

Basically. Edie Windsor described the event as a “huge love affair.” Just left the dance-floor and chatted with the famous interior designer Eddie Ross, who decorated an outdoor room for the event and is promoting his new book, Modern Mix

Jaithan Kocher and Eddie Ross

An outdoor room? That’s really cool. How did it look?

Very preppy and thoughtfully arranged, much like the crowd here today lol. Heading over to the food trucks to grab a donut by Dreesen’s…

So they’ve added more to the menu since the Real Housewives attended the event a few years ago? I remember them complaining at the time that all that was served was hot dogs (laugh-cry emoji)

Yep, the theme this year seems to be about tasting the rainbow … Tito’s Vodka did an incredible pop-up where they had spiked lemonade and a “rainbow” garnish bar with fresh cut fruit to decorate the drinks

Lemonade at Tea Dance?

I guess English Breakfast isn’t as great of a mixer…

Yeah and I guess you need something more than skittles to taste the rainbow too. Anyway, what else do you have going on today?

Trading my floral blazer for a Morrocan-themed tunic for the 18th annual Art for Life Gala — the theme this year is “Midnight at the Oasis”

Keep me posted on how it goes, so sad to be missing it this year. It’s always one of my favorite events of the season, remember last year how they had those Google VR boxes?

7 PM

Just arrived at Fairview Farm and guests are being escorted to the tent in golf carts — I guess the next best thing since magic carpets weren’t an option. Star Jones just pulled up right in front of us looking svelte and beautiful as ever

Star Jones

Art for Life always brings out the Hamptons big names, can’t believe it conflicts with this year’s Parrish Midsummer Party

I know—too much art, too little time. But leave it to Russell Simmons to put on an incredible event no matter what. Guests including Super Bowl winner Darrelle Revis, Miss Lawrence of Fox’s Star and newscaster Soledad O’Brien are all drinking cocktails among the spice market and colorful silk decorated tent

Aoki Lee Simmons, Russell Simmons and Ming Lee Simmons

Darrelle Revis

Miss Lawrence

Have you run into any of our friends?

Yes, just said hello to sibling duo Max and Kennedy WhittingtonCooper, who were at our AVENUE event yesterday. They were hanging out with another sibling power team Ming Lee Simmons and Aoki Lee Simmons

Stop making me feel bad for ditching you!

Haha don’t worry, getting ready to head in for the dinner now. Will text you after the program!

9:30 PM

How did it go?

Still catching my breath, Tony award winner Cynthia Erivo’s soulful performance of “Let It Be” brought the entire crowd the its feet

Wow, she was so incredible in last year’s revival of The Color Purple. Was the food vegan like last year?

Yes, Russell Simmons made a joke about forcing everyone to eat “cruelty free.” But given the genius of event producer and caterer, Ronnie Davis of Great Performances, everything was so delicious. My favorite dish was the vegan chicken nuggets and waffles

Cruelty-free comfort food. Comforting for the animals around Mecox Fam too. What else happened tonight?

Yes, Public Enemy’s Chuck D gave a surprise performance. Let’s just say the evening was more than a gala—it was a true concert

Chuck D

Hope you sent me lots of Snapchats! You calling it a night after this?

Not quite, one last stop-by at The Revolve House for the Club Revolve x 1 OAK pop-up event

Ah sounds like the perfect after-party. Can’t wait to hear about who’s there— everyone’s been talking about scoring an invite to this event

11:30 PM

Wow, finally made it into the Revolve House. Can’t give too many details because of security, but let’s just say the trip involved a drop-off and shuttle to an undisclosed location

Are you serious? I bet they need to keep their address private

Yes, it may be in the basement of a house, but getting in was 10x harder than any night at 1 OAK. Scott Disick rolled in right before us, thank God we were on the list

Richie Akiva and Scott Disick

Is it all style bloggers there?

Basically, I’ve never seen so many models push their way in a ball pit just to get the perfect ‘gram. The crowd included model Hailey Clauson, Bridget Bahl, and YouTube star Alyssa Forever

Hailey Clauson and Yovanna Ventura

Bridget Bahl and Kendall Sargeant

Alyssa Forever

Sounds like people were having a ‘ball.’ Crazy to think that probably every inch of that basement was designed for social

True, but people were really turning up on the dance floor with music by DJ Jus-Ske and Vashtie Kola. It felt like the most fashionable suburban house party ever

Vashtie Kola and DJ Jus-Ske

Any fun middle school drama to report?

Well, Scott Disick was making out with a pretty young mystery brunette in front of everyone

Ahh you should tell him you just saw Kourtney in St. Tropez 😉

Yeah, right…. It’s been a long day so going to call it a night. Russell Simmons just arrived at the party, so I guess we both had the same after party idea

Always on the pulse. Can’t wait to join you again for more fun next weekend, text you later


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