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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Whether rain or shine, Hamptonites can be counted on to turn out for the causes and institutions that mean most to them. This past weekend was no different as cocktail parties, fundraisers al fresco and brand launches dotted the East End, from the Sag Harbor Cinema Project to the Hetrick-Martin’s School’s Out Gala. In the latest installment of Text on the Beach, Toby and Larry Milstein worked their way across the East End to catch all the action this Father’s Day weekend.

Friday, 5:45 pm

Let’s head out, the Sag Harbor Cinema event starts soon

Yes, I’m excited for this one, not to mention I’ve been dying to try out the new Le Bilboquet outpost

As much as I love their cajun chicken, we’re really there to hear about the Sag Harbor Cinema Project

So great to see that community rallying together to revive the theater after it burned down this past December

And industry legends are supporting the efforts too: Martin Scorsese, Harvey Weinstein, Julie Andrews and Billy Joel

Can’t wait to see tonight’s “Scene from an Italian Restaurant”

Good one, but Le Bilboquet is French

I know, I know, but I’ll make any attempt when it comes to Billy Joel


6:30 pm

Though most people are stuck in Friday afternoon traffic, you can’t tell at all—this room is jam-packed

Yes, lots of the East End’s biggest names are kicking off the weekend early, like Christie Brinkley, Matt Lauer, Rosanna Scotto, Jay McInerney, Donny Deutsch, Judith Licht, Jerry Della Femina and Richard Meier

So many media and entertainment bigwigs here

Just chatted with Ilene Landress, who produced Girls and The Sopranos

Ilene Landress and Lorraine Bracco

Can’t believe the Girls era is over. Did she mention what’s she working on now?

Yeah, seemed like she is sad about it too, but onto the next. She mentioned working on the pilot for a new HBO show, Succession

It should be good if she’s involved

For sure. I like this event already: sipping chardonnay out of fishbowl-sized wine glasses and getting a sneak-peek at what the new cinema will look like

Yeah, and those goblets of wine are definitely working, things are already getting rowdy. Just saw a partygoer ask one of the servers for her number! She seemed into him though. I heard her say, “I would much rather have an engaging conversation with you”

In other news, sportscaster and television personality Jill Martin got her knitted dress caught on the bar

Rosanna Scotto and Jill Martin

That’s what I call the catch of the day

Shhh—let’s listen now to April Gornick, VP of the Sag Harbor Partnership

April Gornick

“It’s our turn to step up and say we want that for Sag Harbor and we want that for the entire East End”🙌

All of this talk about the theater and this rainy weather evening is getting me in the mood for a movie night

And maybe even an at-home spa night with the Elizabeth Arden swag in the giftbag…

We have a busy day tomorrow, let’s rest up

Saturday, 4:30

So what’s our game-plan for tonight?

Checking two events today—the first is Hetrick-Martin Institute’s (HMI) School’s Out Gala and then Oliver People’s event at Surf Lodge. What are you up to?

Keeping things a bit more low-key, I think I’ll just check out the Unlimited Earth Care collection party. Always in the market for some new outdoor art

Let me know what’s on display!

En route to East Hampton now to the home of Jim and Lisa Cohen, who have thrown the party for three years alongside this year’s hosts Tracy Anderson and Margaret Russell

Such a great cause, sounds like Pride Weekend will be getting a head start in the Hamptons

Just arrived. Mini Cooper is sponsoring the event and everyone is being shuttled from the parking lot to the home in these adorable minis. Golf carts are so passé

Love it. Wait, is it true that Martha Stewart is cooking the dinner?

Yes, she’s literally behind a giant cauldron of paella as we speak—but dinner is only for a small group of VIPs: Tracy Anderson, designer Timo Weiland and Thomas Krever, Chief Executive Officer of HMI

Martha Stewart

Exclusive. What’s the scene like?

Let’s just say it’s more Palm Beach than Fire Island. Guests are drinking specialty cocktails designed by star mixologist Leo Robitschek, the head of the bar program at Eleven Madison Park, while chatting in their white jeans on the grass tennis court

Drink up, since those EMP Summer House reservations are impossible to get. I’m here now at the Unlimited Earth Care Pottery Pots Summer Collection Exhibition and seeing a lot of whimsical and unique works. Digging this lifesize red ceramic bunny with white polka dots

Very Alice in Wonderland. Ending my night with a quick stop-by at the Oliver Peoples x Surf Lodge party for the Wild Belle performance

That will be fun. Trade you some pottery for cool shades?

The company is celebrating it’s 30 year anniversary. Just spoke with one of Oliver Peoples representatives who said Elliott and Natalie Bergman of Wild Belle and Oliver Peoples had a similar Cali vibe so it made sense for them to host together

Wild Belle

Yes, love their music. How’s the after-party?

People are not afraid to wear their sunglasses at night. Model RJ King is smoking cigarettes and hanging with Jack Brinkley Cook and DJ Leslie Kirchhoff by the swing in the back

RJ King

Leslie Kirchhoff

So Anna Wintour of them

There’s a huge spread of food for dinner, but no one is even picking at the food. If you see it on insta later, you’ll know the truth

Classic Hamptons, the open bar is always more popular than the buffet

Literally, overheard someone vomiting behind the bar—guess some people can’t hold their Montauk Ale

Wow, I think that’s a sign this party is coming to an end

Yes, until next weekend of course. Text you later


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