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Thank You For “Thank You For Your Service”

by Debbie Bancroft Photographed by Patrick McMulan
Monday, October 30, 2017
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Thank You for Your Service, the powerful new film about our soldiers returning from Iraq, but not from their internal battlefield, marched onto the screen, courtesy of Cinema Society and Avion Tequila. Jon Stewart moderated the conversation afterwards, with the actors and Sergeant Adam Schuman, upon whom the Pulitzer Prize-winning author, David Finkel, based the book. Even the actors, Miles Teller (with two critically acclaimed performances with season), and Beulah Koale (a new, Samoan actor, who said, “When the role was announced, every brown actor from the Pacific jumped.” Jason Hall, director and screenwriter, hired him in 38 seconds of viewing his tape), talked of the respect and reverence they held for these roles. They even went through real boot camp to get a sense of the rigor of service. No bone spurs here.

We moved slowly, deep in conversation, to the brand new Landmark Theater’s cafe. Jon Stewart, who would rather talk about the service men he has long supported, also told me he is going on tour (so much material!), ending in a film, and hosting The Night of Too Many Stars, to support the families of Autistic children, and, oh yeah, he also lives on an animal sanctuary.

And what have you done this week?

Also with us, Producer Jon Kilik, off to Arles, where he is producing At Eternity’s Gate, Julian Schnabel’s biopic about Van Gogh, Don Lemon, Vikram Chatwal, Amy Sacco (who asked the best questions—club girls can do anything), Jane Rosenthal, Mike Myers, Bennett Miller, Daniel Benedict, Gina Gershon, Fisher Stevens, Danny Strong, Jazmin Grimaldi and Judith Miller. 


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