The 4 Questions of NYFW (Take #1)

Saturday, February 11, 2017
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AVENUE thinks the world already has way too many fashion critics and more than enough fashion coverage. So to bring something new to the game, we’re asking four questions of participants in New York Fashion Week:

A woman’s outfit isn’t complete without _________________ [fill in the blank]?

What are runway shows good for nowadays?

How would you improve fashion week?

And what does fashion say about America?

Standing in the cattle-penned line outside Jeremy Scott‘s show Friday night, Nicole Fischelis, a Group Vice President and the Fashion Director of Macy’s, alternated between admiring one attendee’s studded vintage leather jacket and scratching her head over another’s bare buttocks and legs (“Isn’t he cold?” she asked), to answer the second question.

“I’m a voyeur,” she said. “I go for inspiration, a moment, the unexpected.  You find it sometimes. If you have the passion you keep looking.”

As the photos in the gallery show, Scott provided one of those moments in a raucous, hilarious crushed-velvet-Christ-filled show on a white shag carpet runway that harkened back to the styles and passions of 1969.


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