The 4 Questions of NYFW (Take #3)

by Wendy Sy Photographed by Samantha Nandez/BFA
Sunday, February 12, 2017

Snow, rain and the freezing cold can’t stop fashion week. On Friday, February 10th, post-storm, Tanya Taylor held her FW17 presentation at Pearl River Mart in Soho, a fitting space for the collection inspired by a 1920s Japanese robe found near Beacon, New York. Here, we’ve asked Taylor the four key questions (plus a couple more) we have on or minds.

A woman’s outfit isn’t complete without color.

Is there a particular color you’re into?

I really like the periwinkle we included this season. That light, icy, blue-ish purple. There’s a power to color; I realized that it is something I really care about and want our woman to see it as a tool of communication.

What are runway shows good for nowadays?

We did a presentation, but it was a moving one. I think runway shows are dramatic—it’s amazing to see clothing move, which says a lot about the flow of fabric and it’s important to show an audience what that looks like.

How would you improve fashion week?

Consolidate where all the locations are.

If you can choose one central location, where would it be?

Spring Studios, if they open up a lot of their studios and have shows going on throughout the day.

What does fashion say about America?

It’s diverse and inclusive. American fashion should feel very optimistic and I think that’s a good mentality to have right now.


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