The 4 Questions of NYFW (Take #4)

by Wendy Sy Photographed by Matteo Prandoni/
Sunday, February 12, 2017
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As fashion week moves along, our key questions continue to be asked. Seen at the MILLY show at Artbeam in Chelsea, on Friday, February 10th, were a bevy of feminine meets masculine deconstructed pieces. Think cropped and slashed shirts mixed with expertly tailored trousers, sequined dresses and leather skirts. Backstage at the show, co-founder and creative director, Michelle Smith, shares her insight and inspiration.

A woman’s outfit isn’t complete without: Confidence.

What are runway shows good for nowadays?
Expressing myself and having a good time.

What does fashion say about America?
It’s always different interpretations of what you want to get across, sometimes it’s less emotional than other times. This is a very emotional season, I think.

What’s the story behind your inspiration this season?
The elections left me feeling defeated, especially as a woman. It was hard to begin designing the collection because I was trying to be positive when I really just needed to be in the emotion of feeling fractured. When I realized that, all the ideas started flowing for me, you can see every piece laced with that emotion and it became a beautiful expression of strength.


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