The 4 Questions of NYFW (Take #7: Area)

Monday, February 13, 2017

Beckett Fogg and Piotrek Panszczyck, the design duo behind Area, presented their latest collection at the Wolcott Ballroom in midtown.  The brand took an old school feel and combined it with contemporary glamour for a collection full of free-flowing silhouettes and romantic shades of red.

What is the purpose of runway shows in this age of Instagram?

B: I think it’s more relevant now in the age of Instagram, but people are less likely to do it in a way. Everyone told us not to do a show, but our brand is about celebrating fashion and celebrating optimism. For us, that was a reason to do it, because people should still get excited about fashion.

P: I think, especially in these times, we really wanted to create a positive mood. We hope for eight minutes we can transport everyone in this gorgeous ballroom that they are about to break down soon that they can celebrate with all people. People of all colors were all included. We tried to meld all the models into an idea of a big melting pot and get it into the spirit of New York.

What do you think fashion says about America?

B: I think the fashion industry speaks for a lot of America. They are very vocal about their viewpoints.

P: I think it’s a very itneresting time. For a while, American fashion was very saturated. But, I think in these trying times, a lot of people are choosing different formats to express themselves.

B: I think American fashion is really finding it’s voice, especially in these times. It feels different, especially recently. Everyone is making a statement.

P: That’s why we used to so much red and blue. We wanted to make it something patriotic. Our whole message was wear everything with pride and accept and love everyone.

Is there anything you guys would change about fashion week?

P and B: Less shows. 

Bonus question:  Why the naked dress this season?

P: We started thinking about the body and really obsessing about it. We thought about always wanting to beautiful. We started looking at that. The 90’s slip dress was a big part of it. It’s bias cut, it hugs the form. We dressed it up again and started sewing little covered buttons as nipples, the darts were on the outside. All of these things were big highlights in this collection.


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