The 4 Questions of NYFW (Take #8: Carolina Herrera)

by Michael Gross Photographed by
Monday, February 13, 2017

Carolina Herrera‘s Fall-Winter 2017 fashion show on Little West 12th Street Monday morning was simple, serene, strictly-edited, and severely, sublimely chic, softened only by a black velvet bow here and a clever knit top there.  AVENUE’s two 4 Questions-takers at the show, Reinaldo Herrera, the dapper husband of the designer, and Alina Cho, the broadcaster-turned-book-packager, are also sublimely chic.

A woman’s outfit isn’t complete without….

Herrera:  …a woman.

Cho:  …looking in the mirror and taking one thing off, as long as it’s not critical.

What are runway shows good for nowadays?

Cho:  Trend-spotting, and it’s an honor and privilege to see what will be in stores six months later.

Herrera:  Tits, unfortunately.

How would you improve fashion week?

Cho:  There are too many shows.

Herrera:  Finally find a good place to show.  They had it [at Lincoln Center in recent years] and they all complained and it collapsed.

What does fashion say about America?

Herrera: American fashion is far more important than Americans believe it to be.  It’s imitated by most of the great houses of Europe.

Cho:  This season is particularly politically active.  I’m going to stay out of it, but there’s displeasure.


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