The AVENUE A-List: The Most Influential New Yorkers of 2014

AVENUE’s Power 212 reflects who we are. Influence in New York still flows from blood and money, as it has since the old-school A-Lists, but in our century, neither alone is enough. Celebrity, American culture’s be-all and end-all, can work against you on this side of the Hudson. What other criteria count? Accomplishment, most of all. But manners mean just as much, as do position, philanthropic involvement, physical attractiveness and inchoate leverage. Inheritance can be a burden, but as our power families prove, it can also be an advantage and a great gift. Some are here and gone, others endure and a few are admitted into the pantheon. Herewith, our latest fleeting glimpse of the people who matter most today.


TK and Bill Ackman
Annette Tapert and Joe Allen
Francesca Amfitheatrof
Joe Armstrong
Aston family


Peter Bacanovic
Glenda Bailey
Andre Balazs
Hilaria and Alec Baldwin
Dean Baquet
Dennis and Michael Cominotto Basso
Nate Berkus
Nathan and Katharina Otto Bernstein
Jeff Bezos
Preet Bharara
Christine Mortimer Biddle
Debbie and Leon Black
Laura and Lloyd Blankfein
Susan Blond
Michael Bloomberg
Eliza Reed and Alex Bolen
TK and Lee Bollinger
Daniel Boulud
Anthony Bourdain
Goeffrey Bradfield
Lavinia and Ophelia Branca Snyder
William and Ricki Kleiman Bratton
H. Woody Brock
Daniel Brodsky
Henry Buhl
Gisele Bundchen
John Burger
Christy Turlington and Ed Burns


Thomas Campbell
Anna and Graydon Carter
TK and John Catsimatidis
Chantecaille family
Bill and Hilary Clinton
Michael Clinton
Jessica Coen
TK and Steven A. Cohen
Andy Cohen
Stephen Colbert
Maria Cuomo and Kenneth Cole
Stefanie and Chase Coleman
Amy Fine and Brad
Marina Rust ansd Ian Connor
Blaine and Robert Caravaggi
Jennifer Creel


John Demsey
Robert DeNiro
Nick Denton
Diane von Furstenerg and Barry Diller
Timothy Dolan
Mickey Drexler
Patricia Duff
Lena Dunham
Jim and Susan Magrino Dunning



Fanjul family
Linda Fargo
George Farias
Farkas family
Shrin von Wulffen and Frederic Fekkai
Tina Fey
Jamie Figg
Dennis and Michael Cominotto Freedman


Larry Gagosian
Marian and Francesco Galesi
Stephen Gan
David Geffen
Peter Gelb
Martha and John Glass
Toni and Jim Goodale
Gregory family
Nina Griscom and Lionel Priano
Gubelmann family
Cornelia Guest
Giorgio Guidotti


Lydia Hearst-Shaw
Fernanda Gilligan and Kirk Henckels
Yaz and Valentin Hernandez
Herrera family
Alex Hitz
Jared Holdt
Ari ana Huffington
Chris Hughes


Carl Icahn
Randy Kempner and Toni Ingrao


Marc Jacobs
Sessa and Richard Johnson
Johnson family


Paul and Dayssi Kanovas
David Karp
Robert Winthrop “Roy” Kean
Nur Khan
Yasmin Khan
David and Julia Koch
Steve and Jennet Conant Kroft


Lauder family
Tom and Heather Leeds
Dominique’ Levy
Pamela Liebman
Amalia Dayan and Adam Lindemann
TK and Dan Loeb
Howard Lorber


Maccioni family
Mack family
Sean MacPherson
Silvano and Marisa Marchetto
TK and Peter Marino
Howard and TK Marks
Wynton Marsalis
Peter Martins
Anthony Marx
Lisa and Michael McCarty
Anne Hearst and Jay McInerny
Margitay’ McKee
Keith McNally
Richard Meier
Nicole and Matthew Mellon
Ed Menischesci
Danny Meyer
Lorne Michaels
Steve Millington
Gillian and Sylvester Miniter
Marcia and Richard Mishaan
Melissa and Chappy Morris
Adam Moss
David Muir
Murdoch family


Neidich family
Julian and Lisa Niccolini
Diane Sawyer and Mike Nichols


TK and Dan Och
Marilyn and Eyal Ofer
Bayo Ogunlesi


Sean Parker
Richard Parsons
TK and John Paulson
Peabody family
Norman and TK Pearlstine
Scott and Jane Pelley
TK and Peter Pennoyer
Anna Chapman and Ronald’ Perelman
Jonah Peretti
Emmanuel Perrin
Lisa aned Richard Perry
Nick Pileggi



Jed Rakoff
Carolyn Reidy
Esther Fein and David Remnick
Avis and Bruce Richards
Rebecca Roberston
Guy and Elizabeth
Stribling Robinson
Rockefeller family
Carolyne Roehm
Jill and Andrew Roosevelt
Rose family
Samantha Boardman and Aby Rosen
Jane Rosenthal
Andrew Rosenthal
Kara and Stephen Ross
Steven and Daryl Roth
TK and Steve Rubin
Rudin family
Margaret Russell
Perri Peltz and Eric Ruttenberg


Daniel Benedict and Andrew Saffir
Schnabel family
TK and Ian Schrager
Martin Scorcese
Christine and Stephen Scwhartzman
Jean and Martin Shafiroff
Gayfryd Steinberg and Michael Shnayerson
Lockhart Steel
Renee and Richard Steinberg
Ali Wentworth and George Stephanopulos
Alison and Leonard Stern
TK and Barry Sternlicht
Jon Stewart
Richard David Story
Dan and Carol Strone
Dana Hammond and Dr. Patrick Stubgen
Lucy and Phil Suares


Marc Tessier-Levigne
Serena Boardman and John Theodorocopulos
Tisch family
Isabel and Ruben Toledo
Josh Tyrangiel
Neil deGrasse Tyson



Wendy Vanderbilt Lehman
Alex von Bidder
Christophe and Carolina von Humboldt von Hohenberg
Anita and Johannes von Schoenburn
Jean-Georges Vongerichten


Vera Wang
Ricki de Sole and TK Webster
Georgina Chapman and Harvey Weinstein
Fred Wilson
Anna Wintou



Dmitry of Yugoslavia


Zeckendorf family
Ziff family
Zilkha family
Karin and Jeff Zucker
Mort Zuckerman
TK and David Zwirmer

The Families

Inheritance, whether financial or genetic, can be a burden, but as these power families prove, it can also be an advantage and a great gift if managed wisely. These New York families wield their influence across the spectrum from finance to fashion. Though we only have space to profile a few, all play an outsize part in our city’s life and times.

The Families

The Astons
The Bronfmans


Two generations of Chantecailles work together to perpetuate matriarch Sylvie’s luxury beauty company. In addition to making the Chantecaille brand a standout in the cluttered cosmetics industry, family members are active in philanthropy (their own and external projects), and social fixtures in the city and out East.


They’re the world’s most successful sugar barons and also have lucrative stakes in real estate, finance and tourism (they own Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic). They are influencers in philanthropy (particularly in the rural Palm Beach County area) and political activists, influential in both parties.


The descendants of George and Ruth Farkas, who in 1928 founded New York’s legendary Alexander’s department store as well as a real-estate empire, members of today’s family tree include four sons, fifteen grandchildren and seven great-grand-children. Andrew L. Farkas, the billionaire real-estate investor, Montauk Yacht Club owner and son of Robin Farkas, is married to playwright and founder of Playwrights of New York (PoNY) Sandi Farkas. Georgette Farkas, daughter of the late Alexander Farkas, is a well-known gourmand who has worked with Daniel Boulud and Alain Ducasse. She opened her own restaurant, Rotisserie Georgette, in 2013.


Peter S. Gregory, a native New Yorker, is the senior vice president of the Hampton Group at Morgan Stanley. His wife is Jamee T. Gregory, a noted philanthropist, Hamptonite and the author of two books: New York Parties and New York Apartments. Brother André Gregory is an acclaimed director, most famously of My Dinner with André. A third brother, Alexis Gregory, is also immersed in the arts as the chairman of Vendome Press.


They’re the descendants of William Gubelmann, the American inventor who held more than 5,000 patents, including one for the cash register. His grandson, William S. Gubelmann, is a former racecar driver, married to Susan McCammon Gubelmann, a designer. Their daughter is Marjorie Gubelmann, a famed socialite, philanthropist and owner and CEO of Vie Luxe International as well as a professional DJ (known by friends as “DJ Mad Marj”).

The Herreras


Robert Wood “Woody” Johnson IV and his sister Elizabeth “Libet” Johnson are among the descendants of the Johnson & Johnson dynasty. Woody is an American businessman and philanthropist, who purchased the New York Jets in 2000 for $635 million. Libet is an avid collector of art and city real estate. She owns a West Village town house, which once belonged to Meryl Streep, and the Upper East Side Vanderbilt Mansion.

The Lauders
The Laurens
The Lefraks
The Maccionis
The Macks
The Murdochs
The Neidichs
The Peabodys
The Rockefellers
The Roses
The Rudins
The Schnabels
The Sulzbergers
The Tisches
The Zeckendorfs
The Ziffs


Like many Jewish families of Middle Eastern origin, the Zilkhas have persevered through discrimination and loss. Displaced from Baghdad, Syria and Egypt in the 20th century, the family’s patriarch set his sons up in different cities to guarantee the family would continue to prosper. One of the sons was Ezra, who learned business in Hong Kong before arriving in New York. He and wife Cecile have been longtime influencers on the charity circuit—particularly the Metropolitan Opera and the Hospital for Special Surgery. Bettina Zilkha, one of their three children, is a fashion and society writer, oft spotted on the city’s social scene.

Hall of Fame

“Some are here and gone, others endure and a few are admitted into the pantheon.”

Anne Bass
Mercedes Bass
Deeda and William Blair
Annette and Oscar de la Renta
Virginia Coleman and Peter Duchin
Mica Ertegun
Louise Grunwald
Linda and Mort Janklow
Calvin Klein
Marie-Josée and Henry Kravis
Kenneth Jay Lane
Virginia and Frederick Melhado
Georgette Mosbacher
Jamie Niven
Joan Ganz Cooney and Pete Peterson
Lee Radziwill
Peggy Siegal
Melania and Donald Trump
Gloria Vanderbilt
Lauren and John Veronis
Joan and Sanford Weill
Jayne Wrightsman