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The Ball at The Botanical Garden: Alexandra Lebenthal Reports

by Alexandra Lebenthal Photographed by SHAUN MADER/ Patrick McMullan
Monday, December 13, 2010
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The Botanical Garden “Winter Wonderland” ball definitely had a spark that wasn’t there last year. I feel like it was one of the best ever. The décor was gorgeous. We used someone new this year: Martin Jobes Design and they spray painted all these magnolia leaves silver and made big mirror frames out of them. The food was yum of course. I don’t remember eating dessert. I think I just drank it. Tom Finn played and people went wild. Christian Leone spun several of us which is always exciting and terrifying at the same time. Most women stuck with the theme and wore black or white. Those of us in white did have black at the bottom of our dresses by the end of the evening however! 

Great group of the usual folks: Frederick Anderson, Douglas Hannant, Alexandra Rose Lind, Jennifer Creel, Lauren Remingston Platt, Lydia Fenet, Alina Cho, etc. Even Brad Goreski, the stylist and former Rachel Zoe Project star was there. Afterwards some of the junior chairs – Martin Dawson, Gillian Hearst Simonds, Dalia Oberlander and Lisa Salzer had arranged for an after party at The Boom Boom Room, so a lot of us ended up there (where I was congratulated about five different times – I assume on my wedding, since I was wearing a long white gown! Anyway got home at 3 a.m., which for me is like being out ’til 7 a.m. for the rest of you.


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