The CBC Style Files: June Ambrose

by Corbin Brett Chamberlin Photographed by June Ambrose
Tuesday, July 19, 2011

June Ambrose

Stylist, author and turban-wearing goddess, June Ambrose makes our heart flutter with her “fearless and functional” style. The daughter of a dressmaker, Ambrose began as an investment banker before turning super stylist at Epic Records. She’s since wrote the novel “Effortless Style” and her celebrity clients include a glittering roster of names like Jay-Z, Kanye West and Missy Elliott. Ambrose has another book in the works and also plans to take to T.V as she tells The AVENUEInsider “I’m in negotiations to appear on a very popular network television show this coming fall”. 

You were working at a investment bank to being a celebrity stylist: Why the change of vocation? 

June Ambrose: “I’ve always had a passion for fashion. My mom was a dress maker and I was always around fashion. However the opportunity at the financial firm presented itself first which lead me to be able to establish myself professionally and financially.  Working at the investment company was the framework that ultimately allowed me to follow my entrepreneurial dreams.

What separates your work from that of other stylist?

June Ambrose:” I think my clinical approach is quite unique. I approach every projectn artistically and like a brand strategist.”

Who was your first celebrity client? 

 June Ambrose: “Epic Records.”

Who do you think has the best style in Hollywood? 

June Ambrose: “I love Kate Winslet.”

You’re look is out of this world amazing. How would you best describe your personal style? 

June Ambrose: “Fearless and functional. I like the idea of role playing. Fashion allows you to speak without talking.”

If you had to wear three items of clothing for the rest of your life, what would they be? 

June Ambrose: “A 7-inch heel, my glamoflague sunglasses, and a lace bra.”

Every woman should have _____ in her closet? 

June Ambrose: “Every woman should have a black tuxedo in her closet. It’s timeless. Very Coco Chanel.”

\When did you take a liking to turbans? 

June Ambrose: “In 1996, when I was eccentrically wrapping turbans on hip hop artists for music videos and with Josephine Baker as my reference.”

Your a mother of two. How do you balance a demanding work schedule and kids? 

June Ambrose: “I think it’s important that you are the first person they see when they wake up and the last person they see when they go to sleep. Breakfast and bedtime are very important.”

In 2006 you gifted the world “Effortless Style” Do you have plans to write another book?

June Ambrose: “I’m currently working on it now.”

What’s next for June Ambrose?

June Ambrose: “I’m not able to go into details, but I’m in negotiations to appear on a very popular network television show this coming fall.”


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