The CBC Style Files: Michael Macko

by Corbin Brett Chamberlin Photographed by Michael Macko
Thursday, June 30, 2011

Michael Macko

Using words like dashing and stylish to illustrate Michael Macko would actually sell him short. Often found in a bow tie, a dash of safety orange and a Michael Bastian ensemble, The AVENUEinsider salutes the style of Mr. Macko. Previously the Men’s Fashion Director at Saks Fifth Avenue and then Fashion Director of Details, Macko’s trailblazing taste has made him one of the best dressed gents around town. As of late, Macko is the Editor-at-Large of Valet as well as a freelance stylist and consultant. You’ve seen his work with Ascot Chang, Michael Bastian amongst others. Macko talks fashion and tells all about his fashionable adventures with The AVENUEInsider.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

MM: “Right now it’s all about Spring 2012. I’m working on styling shows and presentations for September and shooting look books for clients as well as curating a special section at MRket Show next month in New Tork and Las Vegas. That’s a really fun project. It’s like having my own little menswear show. I’m also doing a fun project with L.L. Bean Signature in Provincetown. I also just styled a story for photographer Matt Albiani. It’s a modern version of “The Great Gatsby.” It comes out next month in Plum Hamptons. It was really fun to do.

No man should be without what in their closet?

MM: Lots of clothes! Serious answer: the right clothes. Men are getting better, but a lot of us don’t know what looks good, what fits well and what are the basics we all need to have that you can’t go wrong with.

If you had to wear one designer for the rest of your life, who would it be?

MM:  “I hate these questions. So many designers are friends, but if you forced me into a corner I would have to say Michael Bastian. He does both tailored and sportswear equally well and his clothes never bore me!

Must have accessory?

MM: “Arm candy. MIANSAI hooks, Burkman Bros friendship bracelets, Luis Morais beads and a J. Crew Timex on a bright strap.

Most overlooked item of clothing?

MM: “Most men don’t understand the power of accessories, how a pocket square, watch, cufflinks or sunglasses can elevate your style quota.

Favorite resort collection?

MM: “Unfortunately few men’s collections do resort – for women – hands down Michael Kors. The thought of “Surf Jackie” just makes me smile and I love zebra print!

What can’t you live without?

MM: “My daschund Krystal, coffee, my friends, lightweight scarves, Social Media (Facebook and Twitter), Levis, Birkenstocks, LL Bean totes.”

If you could steal one person’s closet, who’s would it be?

“Tie between The Duke of Windsor and Hamish Bowles. Can I have both?

What’s next for Mr. Macko?

MM: “Whatever the universe presents to me. I’ve actually been approached about a few big full time jobs that I’m contemplating, but I’m working on some new retail concepts with people and talking about a few other big projects. I just want to continue moving mesnwear forward.”




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