The Chanel Cruise 2013 Accessories Redefine Classy

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Whether you’re eight or eighty-eight, you undoubtedly have heard the word “Chanel” at some point in your life.  The iconic “double C” is a universal emblem for high fashion, and Chanel’s Cruise 2013 line reminds us why.

The accessories of the 2013 Cruise collection delicately tiptoe back into a time of graceful opulence reminiscent of the Victorian era. The use of feminine touches such as pearls and bows allows the accessories to transcend the line of your basic accessory. Pardon all of the clichés I am about to use, but these accessories are statement pieces, artwork and eye candy. In fact, I quite literally gasped when I ran my fingers over the quilted leather of the purses. Trust me, I never joke about fashion.

The accessories are an outfit in and of themselves. Purses are adorned with bejeweled tweed faces, necklaces are interwoven with silk chiffon and pearls, and platform sneakers are deliciously smothered in velvet. The use of materials such as plastic and striped cloth are unconventional for high fashion, yet somehow manage to make the pieces even more spectacular.

My absolute favorite accessory is a pair of open-toed heels that look like they were made for Marie Antoinette herself. The shoe is made from white fabric embellished with a gold leaf-like design and rests on a heel that looks like it is made from the foot of a stool. All I can say is, “wow.” Well done, Karl Lagerfeld. To be able to make a brand that essentially invented the word classy even classier, is truly quite a feat.


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