The Faux Ivanka Trump Invades Facebook

Monday, October 18, 2010

As a jewelry designer/reality TV star/model/socialite, Ivanka Trump has loads of friends in New York. But it seems a sneaky “Catfish” type (go see the creepy documentary about Facebook) has created a fake Facebook profile for Ivanka and sent numerous friend requests to her actual real-life chums. Fake celebrity profiles are commonplace on Facebook and Twitter (did you really think that was Madonna commenting on your holiday photo?) but Trump enlisted Lynne Patton, who works for The Trump Organization, to set the record straight. Check out the Facebook message Patton set to Trump’s duped “friends” like your’s┬átruly:

Subject: Ivanka Trump Facebook Profile

Dear Friends:

Please know that I regretfully wish to notify you all that the Facebook profile to which I recently noticed you are all mutually connected is fraudulent. The Office of Ivanka Trump apologizes for the deception, especially since the majority of those deceived are her real-life friends. The Trump Organization takes impersonation very seriously and the matter has been referred to our legal department, as well as Facebook, in kind. Ivanka encourages you to follow her via her only official Facebook site(s), as listed below. Thank you.

Of course, I can’t give you the links, because if you know Ivanka, you’ll be able to find her on Facebook.


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