THE HEAT IS ON, Hamptons Scandals Part 4: Ted Ammon’s Murder

Saturday, July 16, 2011

From the pages of AVENUE’s July issue…

Christopher Mason, host of the new Investigation Discovery series “Behind Mansion Walls”— about murder in fabulous homes—and author of The Art of the Steal: Inside the Sotheby’s-Christie’s Auction House Scandal, revisits a selection of the biggest scandals to ever hit the Hamptons.

When investment banker Ted Ammon failed to show up for work on Monday, October 22, his business partner Mark Angelson rushed by helicopter to East Hampton. Entering Ammon’s gabled English-country-style mansion he discovered a trail of blood on the stairs. Ammon lay naked on his bed, his head bludgeoned. Burglary was clearly not the motive—nothing was ransacked. Ammon was in the midst of a bitter divorce from his wife, Generosa, and stood to lose half of his $80-million fortune. Generosa was also seeking custody of the twins they had adopted from the Ukraine. Reports of a naked man sprinting down Middle Lane prompted speculation that Ammon was a closet homosexual who had been slain while entertaining rough trade. The rumor subsided when it turned out that the naked man had been spotted on Friday, while Ammon was still in the city. Three months after the murder, Generosa married her lover, Daniel Pelosi, an unlicensed electrician with a long rap sheet. Both were considered suspects in Ammon’s murder. In December 2004, Pelosi was convicted of killing him, and sentenced to 25-years-to-life. Generosa died of breast cancer in August 2003, leaving most of her estate to the twins, Alexa and Gregory. Their nanny, Kathryn Mayne, was appointed as their legal guardian, but after a protracted legal battle, custody was awarded to Ammon’s sister, Sandi Williams.


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